Following research projects supported by Iran University of Science & Technology.

1. Solution of ill-posed problem


2. Numerical solution of unstable problems and its application in plane


3. Numerical solution of PDE by using preconditioned conjugate Gradient method


4. Numerical solution of the Fredholm Integral Equation of the First kind by using approximation of condition number


5. Numerical solution of Non linear Integral Equation of Volterra by Adomian method


6. Circulant Wavelet preconditioners for solving Elliptic Differential Equations and Boundary Integral Equations


7. Numerical solution of linear and non linear integral equation by using Boundary integral equation method and Finite element


8. Numerical Algorithms for solving large sparse linear systems by using orthogonal functions and parallel computing


9. Solving linear and non-linear problem by using orthogonal functions


10. Numerical solution of system of Fredholm & Volterra integral equation by using Runge-Kutta methods & preconditioners.


11. Using orthogonal functions in solving linear and nonlinear problems, Supported by IUST & H.M.E.


12. Solving integro-differential equation by using rationalized Haar function.


13. Numerical Solution of Integro-Differential Equations Using Rationalized Haar Function.


14. Using Projection Methods in Numerical Solution of Linear and Non-Linear System of Integral Equations.


15. Study on Existence of Solutions of Functional Integral Equations


16. Moments Method for Solving Fredholm Integral
Equations of the Second Kind by Using Wavelets


17. Numerical Solution of Ill-Posed Linear and Nonlinear
Integral Equations in Advanced Technology


Following research projects supported by Islamic Azad university, Karaj Branch:

1. Numerical solution of integral equations by using Petrov-Galerkin method.


2. Processing & preparing signal and image by using orthogonal functions.


3. Numerical Solution of Boundary Value Problem With Dirichlet and Newmann Boundary Conditions With Using Finite Element Method.


4. Using Quadrature Methods for Solving Fredholm and Volterra Integral Equations.


5. Numerical Solution of Fredholm Integral Equation of the First Kind by Using
Wavelet Galerkin and Preconditioner- Wavelet


6. Converting Ill-Posed Engineering Mathematical Model to Well-Posed Problem and Numerical Solution by Using Preconditioners  



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