Field of Interests :

• Wireless Communication


• Microstrip Antenna

• Electromagnetic theory

• Mobile and Base station Antenna

• Effects of EM fields on human body

• Planning of the Cellular Mobile Communication

Research Activities:

• Design of a FSK modulator for data transmission at 50 MHz

• Analysis and design of an electrical downtilt base station antenna

• EM field coupling to Coplanalar Transmission Line (CPL)

• EM filed coupling to a non-uniform microstrip line using RCMS method

• Analysis of two-layer circular-symmetric coupled microstrip line

• Interaction of a six-layered spherical head model of human with a half-wave dipole

• Analysis and simulation of a PIFA antenna in the vicinity of the homogenous spherical head model at 900 and 1800 MHz.


Conference Papers

1 . Khodabakhshi, H. "EM Field Coupling to microstrip lines Using Rigorously Coupled Multi- Conductor Stripes Model" , APEMC 2008, 2008 Asia-Pacific Sympsoium on Electromagnetic Compatibility 19–22 May 2008, Singapor.

2. Khodabakhshi, H. "External EM Field Coupling to Coplanar Microstrip Lines" , ELECO 2007, 5 th international conference on Electrical and Electronics Enginering, 5-9 December 2007, Bursa, Turkey.

3. Khodabakhshi, H. "Quasi-TEM Approach of two layers Circular Symmetric Coupled Microstrip Line”, Eumc 2008, 2008 European Microwave conference, Holland.

4. Khodabakhshi, H. “ Response of Non-uniform Microstrip lines to an EM Field Using Rigorously Coupled Multi-Conductor Strips Model”, SPI 2008, 2008 Signal Propagation on Interconnections, France.

5. Khodabakhshi, H. “Analysis of Exposure of a Spherical Human Head Model to the Near-Field of a Half-wave Dipole Antenna” Conference PIERS 2010, China. (accepted paper)

6. Khodabakhshi, H. “HUMAN HEAD INTERACTION WITH A PIFA IN CELLULAR MOBILR COMMUNICATION”, Eucap 2010, Barcelona, Spain,(accepted paper).

7. Khodabakhshi, H. “Interaction Between a Six-layered Spherical Head Model and a Half-wave Dipole Antenna”, APEMC 2010, Beijing, China, (accepted paper).

Journal Papers

1. Khodabakhshi, H. "Response of Coplanar Transmission Lines to an Incident EM Field" , International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer-Aided Engineering DOI 10.1002/mmce , RFMCAE-2008, 200 8 .

2 . Khodabakhshi, H. " EM FIELD COUPLING TO NON-UNIFORM MICROSTRIP LINES USING COUPLED MULTI-CONDUCTOR STRIPS MODEL ” , PIERS-B 2009, Progress in Electromagnetic Research Symposium B, vol. 17, pp.309-326, 2009.

3. Khodabakhshi, H. “ Irradiation of a Six-Layered Spherical Model of Human Head in the Near Field of a Half-Wave Dipole Antenna” IEEE Trans. Microwave and Theory, MTT-2009. (accepted).

4. Khodabakhshi, H. “Numerical Analysis of Human Head Interaction with PIFA Antennas in Cellular Mobile Communications”, IEEE Trans. Antenna and Propagation. (submitted)


Electrical Engineering Dept., University of Science & Tech., Narmak, 16844, Tehran, Iran.

Email: khodabakhshi.hamid(At)

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