Pegah Hamedani


Personal profile

Full Name: Pegah Hamedani

Title: Ph.d. student in electrical engineering

Entrance year in Ph.d. session: Sep. 2009

Contact information

Power electronic research lab, Iran University of Science & Technology (IUST)

Emails: pegah_hamedani(At) / p_hamedani(At)


1- B.S.c. in Electronic Engineering from university of esfahan (2003-2007)

2- M.S.c. in Electrical Engineering from university of esfahan (2007-2009)

3- Ph.d. student in electrical engineering at iran university of science & technology (from 2009)

3- Field of interests:

1- Power electronics and its application in power systems

2- Electrical Machinery Drives

3- Power quality

4- Intelligent algorithms

4- Title of M.S.c. Thesis:

Intelligent controller design for interior permanent magnet synchronous motor (IPMPSM) over the nominal speed region

5- Title of B.S.c. Thesis:

Emotional control of dc servo motor

6- Journal Papers:

1- P. Hamedani, B. Mirzaeian, A. Kiyoumarsi, C. Lucs , "A New Comparative Study of Various Intelligent Based Controllers for Speed Control of IPMSM Drives in the Field-Weakening Region". (submitted)

7- Conference paper s:

1- A. Qyoumarsi, B. Mirzaeian, P. Hamedani, "Determination of Flicker Propagation Direction in Power Systems with Arc Furnace Loads ", International Conference on Electric Power and Energy Conversion System (EPECS 2009), sharjah, 10-12 Nov. 2009.

2- P. Hamedani, R. Hooshmand, A. Dehestani, " The Effect of Demand-Price Elasticity on Load Curve, financial Indices and Active Power Losses for Various Electrical Energy Consumers in Deregulated Power Systems", 24th International Power System Conference (PSC 2009), 16-18 Nov. 2009, Tehran, Iran. (In Farsi)

3- P. Hamedani, B. Mirzaeian, A. Kiyoumarsi, C. Lucs, "Speed Control of IPMSM Drives Based on Brain Emotional Learning Based Intelligent Controller in The Field-Weakening Region". (Submitted)

8- Languages:

1- Farsi (Native speaker)



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