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  Full Name: Seyed Javad Azhari

 Position:  Professor

  Phone:    98-021-77240487

  Fax:        98-021-77240486


Professional Education * Employment * Teaching Experiences

Papers * Research * Hounours and Awards * Books

Professional Education

  • (Ph.D) in electronic 1990, University of UMIST manchester , england.

  • (MS.c) in electronic 1986, University of victoria manchester, england. 

  • (BS.c) in electronic 1975, University of IUST , Iran.

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a) Within IUST (Iran University of Science & Technology)

  1997-2001 CHANCELLOR

  1995-2003 DIRECTOR AND FOUNDER OF ERC (Electronic Research Centre, IUST)



  b) Outside IUST

  1991-1993 Ministry of Culture and Higher Education, Tehran, VICE


  1991-1994 National Supreme Council for Research


  1995-2000 National 2nd Quinquennium Research Programme Committee


  2003-2006 Science Counsellor / Represenative of Islamic Republic of Iran In Canada & USA


Teaching Experiences


   1- Teaching "Electronic Circuits" course to more than 1000 undergraduate students since 1990.

  2- Teaching "Electronic Measurement Methods and Equipment" to undergraduate students since 1990.

  3-Teaching "Design and Application of Analog Integrated Circuits" to more than 100 postgraduate students since 1990.

  4- Designing and Teaching a new (in Iran) postgraduate taught course entitled "Design and application of Current Mode Integrated Circuits"

   5- Designing and Teaching a new postgraduate taught course entitled "Data Conversion".

  Designing Five Postgraduate taught courses to be taught in coming semesters.

  1: Design and Application of Current-Mode ICs

  2: Current-Mode Digital Circuits

  3: Special Data Converters

  4: Special Analog Filters

  5: Low Voltage, Low Power Circuits



Journal papers:

• Leila Safari, Seyed Javad Azhari" An Ultra Low Power, Low Voltage Tailless QFG Based Differential Amplifier with High CMRR, Rail to Rail Operation and enhanced slew rate" Analog Integrated Circuit Signal Process 2010, DOI: 10.1007/s10470-010-9555-8

• Seyed Javad Azhari , Hassan Faraji Baghtash, Khalil Monfaredi "A novel ultra-high compliance, high output impedance low power very accurate high performance current mirror" Microelectronics Journal 2010ElsevierLtd.doi:10.1016/j.mejo.2010.10.004

• Seyed Javad Azhari, Khalil Monfaredi, and Hassan Faraji Baghtash" A Novel Ultra Low Power High Performance Atto-Ampere CMOS Current Mirror with Enhanced Bandwidth " JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, VOL. 8, NO. 3, SEPTEMBER 2010, pp.251-256

• Hassan Faraji, Seyed Javad Azhari "Very low input impedance low power current mirror Analog Integrated Circuit Signal Process 25 may 2010,DOI 10.1007/s10470-010-9480-x

• Seyed Javad Azhari and Leila Safari " A High CMRR Low Power Fully Differential Current Buffer" IEICE Electronics Express Volume 7 No.11,765-771,June 10,2010

• Seyed Javad Azhari and Farzan Rezaei "High linear, High CMRR, Low Power OTA with Class AB Output Stage "International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering , Vol. 2, No. 4, pp.473-7 August, 2010

• Seyed Javad Azhari and Leila Safari "The Orderly Current Buffer, OCB: An Innovative Block with Extremely Low Input Impedance and High CMRR" Proceeding of world academy of science, engineering and technology, vol.61, Jan. 2010, ISSN 2070-3724 part 1-Pp.114-125.

• Hassan Moradzadeh, Seyed Javad Azhari, " Low-Voltage, Low-Power, Rail-to-Rail, Low Rx, Wideband CCII, and a SRCO based on it" IET Circuits, Devices & System 2010,DOI:10.1049/iet-cds.2010.0178

• Seyed Javad Azhari, Hossein Fazlalipoor, "CMRR in Voltage-Op-Amp-Based Current-Mode Instrumentation Amplifiers (CMIA)" IEEE TRANSACTION ON INSTRUMENTATION AND MESURMENT, VOL. 58, NO.3, PP. 563-569, MARCH 2009

• Hassan Moradzadeh, Seyed Javad Azhari, " High performance low-voltage QFG-based DVCC and a novel fully differential SC integrator based on it " IEICE Electronics Express, vol.5, No.23, pp.1017-1023, Dec.2008

• S.J. Azhari, H.Kaabi ، " A Novel data compression technique for 4-20 MA " International Journal of Engineering Vol.14, No.1, pp.35-40, February 2001

• Seyed Javad Azhari, Hossein Fazlalipoor " A Novel Current Mode Instrumentation Amplifier (CMIA) Topology " IEEE transaction on I&M. volume 49, No.6 Dec.2000 pp.1272-7

• S.J. Azhari, H.Kaabi " AZKA cell, the Current-Mode alternative of Whetstone Bridge " IEEE transaction on CAS-1, volume 47, No.9, sep.2000 pp.1277-84

• S.J. Azhari, S. Hassan Mirhosseini "A Novel Technique to improve the accuracy of ultrasonic flow meters." مجله بین المللی مهندسی دانشگاه

 • سید جواد ازهری، احمدرضا امین ، " طراحی و ساخت بهینه و متراکم مدارهای زمانی و توجیه مختصات رادار " مجله بین المللی علوم مهندسی، جلد دهم، شماره 1، سال 1378 ، صفحه 45-61

Conference Papers:

 • Hassan Faraji Baghtash, Khalil Monfaredi, Seyed Javad Azhari "A novel high performance Atto-Ampere Current Mirror" IEEE proceeding of 2010 International Conference on Signal Acquisition and Processing (ICSAP 2010) Pp.27-30

• Farzan Rezaei, Seyed Javad Azhari" A Highly Linear Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA) with High Common Mode Rejection Ratio" IEEE proceeding of 2010 International Conference on Signal Acquisition and Processing (ICSAP 2010) Pp.18-22.

• Khalil Monfaredi, Hassan Faraji Baghtash, Seyed Javad Azhari "A Novel Low Voltage Current Compensated High Performance Current Mirror/NIC" IEEE proceeding of 11th International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design ISQED 2010 Pp.437-441

• Farzan Rezaei, Seyed Javad Azhari" Ultra Low-voltage, rail-to-rail input/output stage Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA) with high linearity and its application in a Gm-C filter " IEEE proceeding of11th International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design ISQED 2010 Pp.231-236

• Hassan Faraji, Seyed Javad Azhari, “A Novel Low Voltage High Performance Current Mirror”, 2nd National Electrical Engineering Conference – February 2010 – Najaf Abad Branch (NEEC2010)P.91-

• Seyed Javad Azhari, Mohammad Hekmat Kashtiban, A Novel Wideband-High-CMRR Low-Voltage BJT Current Output Stage IEEE ECCTD ’09European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design , 2009,pp.691-694, Turkey

• Seyed Javad Azhari, Mohammad Hekmat Kashtiban, "A Novel High CMRR Low Voltage Current Output Stage" PROCEEDINGS of IEEE ISSCS 2009 International Symposium on Signals, Circuits and Systems 2009,pp.449-52

• Seyed Javad Azhari, Mohammad Hekmat Kashtiban, " Novel Low-Voltage High-CMRR Input Stage for Current Feedback Operational Amplifiers (CFOA)" IEEE proceeding ACTEA International Conference on advances in computational tools for engineering applications 2009 Lebanon pp.334-339

• Leila Safari and Seyed Javad Azhari "A New Low Voltage Low Power Fully Differential Current Buffer and Its Application As a Voltage Amplifier" IEEE 2010 International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Control (ICMSC 2010)

• Mahdi Ahangarian Abhari,Adib Abrishamifar,Seyed Javad Azhari, Ultra Low-Power Super Class AB CMOS OTA Cells with Rail-to-Rail Operation,”  IEEE Latin American Symposium on Circuits  and Systems (LASCAS), 24-26 February 2010, page(s):374-377.

 • سیدجواد ازهری، احمد آیت الهی، سید حمید موسوی، " طراحی و ساخت سیستم جمع‌آوری داده از نیروگاه همراه با Real-time-multitask میکروکنترلرهای حاوی هسته " کنفرانس علمی- تخصصی صنعت نیروگاه تجربه اول- نیروگاه حرارتی شهید رجایی Power Plant Industry Conference شماره صفحه: 250-239 



  1- Supervision of about 60 MSc and PhD students.

  2- Performing about 40 applied / industrial research projects, some of which are under consideration for mass production by industries.

  3- Performing about 30 fundamental / academic research projects. The conclusion of most of which have been published in about 20 papers.

  4- Presenting more than 100 volumes of technical reports with about 60 titles.

  5 - Chairman of 1995 Iran Conference of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (ICEE 95) Co-sponsored by Unesco Engineering &Technology Division as well as IEE, and supported by scientific advisory of such prominent scholars as Noblist Late Professor Abdus Salam and Professor F.Reza.

Hounours and Awards

   • 2001 Recipient of the "Letter of Appreciation" by the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran for  "DISTINGUISHED EFFORTS FOR PRMOTION OF THE SCIENCE AND CULTRUE INDICES OF THE COUNTRY"

  • 2000 Recipient of "National Best University Award" by Minister of Science, Research and Technology" for "ACHIEVING BEST OVERALL ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE"

  • 1999 Recipient of "National First Rank Award" by the President Deputy of I.R. of Iran for "ACHIEVING THE COUNTRY'S HIGHEST HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPING PROGRAM"



Publishing four tutorial books by I.U.S.T Publishing Organization (All in Persian)

  - "Field Effect Transistors" Reprinted ten times.

  - Design & Application of Analog ICs, Part I: Fundamentals" reprinted seven times.

  - Design & Applications of Analog ICs, Part II: Applications", reprinted twice.

  - Design & Applications of Analog ICs, Part III: Applications", reprinted twice

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