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 Industrial Design Group

  Industrial design major is established in ELM O SANAT university in year 1372 in Iran, which means ten years after establishment of this major in Civil and Architectural college.this major established and began its work as an independent educational group by accepting 43 students.

  From the date of establishment and initiate of this major till year1384, 450 students have accepted totally. 234 of these students are graduated and 171 of them are studying yet.


  Introduction Of Industrial Design


  Nowadays Industrial products have complicated models of outputs and concepts which represents our inspiration and perception, manner of observation and the way of thinking about universe.

  Most of the things and products which exist in our manufactured world are made by machine industry.these machine products are like human’s hand made can’t compete with them.they are manifestation of human design process with qualitative and quantitative specifications which have changed to tangible and palpable reality.

  Design or specifically industrial design is a process which is separated from product instruments and consists of creativity and invention that put susceptible and opposed factors in tridimentional mold and machine presents this tangible and physical existence in productive series mold.

  The duty of industrial designers in programming and creation of these machine products is designing good quality,best,usable and beautiful products and for this reason one of the most active designers in recent world are industrial designers which take this important responsibility by creative personality , artistic taste and all their heart and souls.

  Industrial design is an increasing force which has penetrated, influenced and affected on worldwide economy , tastes,personal interests of consumers ,art,engineering and even education .

  Industrial design must take into consideration functional and structural connections of product formation of a thing which helps to understand the essence or nature of that. So designer must take into consideration propounded data from other parts like (Marketing,Ergonomy, Economical obligations, Construction obligations and……)by primary examinations of, the role of industrial designer isn’t replacement of him/herself into other mentioned part ,instead,he/she must fulfill expectations by presenting real,incarnation and creative compound of ideas.


  These demands and data can change in appropriate with the sort of problem and by using the solving problem method industrial designer will put it under using croquis,etudes,randos(renders) ,maquettes,map and according to data and obligations designer presents incarnation and new addition to meet the needs of data ,these designs and ideas must have other additional values like : ergonomy, preservation of environment ,beauty,identity and conform to other human characteristics and specifications .

  In addition to having technical information and practical experience ,An industrial designer must have sensitivity in using materials andelevation the quality of life and also familiar with culture ,custom , tradition and formalities of society.all that cases give him the permission of assigning and choosing the best combination of volumes, forms and colors .certainly it is accompanied by taking into consideration flexibility in making industrial products series and the method of industrial construct.

  Mentioned definitions for industrial design proficiency can cover the field of its activity properly .nowadays industrial design has found its actual and legal place in industrial and developed countries and creative companies and factories can take advantage of that properly.

  this skill must be able to find its actual place both in educational field and country industry by helping the industries development in Iran.


  Areas of technical activity of industrial design


  By mentioned definitions , Industrial design connect to all human environment aspects which is conditioned to industrial sonstruct. These fields categorized like :


  Product Design : industrial design can cooperate and interfere in these fields by a logical method and undertake the complete creativity of a product or it can be repair the beauty of an existing product superficially.

  Common use : this field consists of design of all common use products like : electrical devices, tools, office equipments,furniture anf equipments,city illuminations,clocks,valves, …..

  Also Designer can cooperate and present in the field of mass production products like : spectacles frame ,knife and cleaver and dishes, or less series method (like tool machines) or single made products (like :special supervision or control saloons).


  Furniture Design : it is a special branch of design and usually attributed to designers which have trained by artistic and inside design inclination.their fields are designing kinds of table,chair, furniture,drawers,inside decoration and……


  Equipment Design : consists of medical , clinical and cultural equipments ,hand tools,tools machine,wheelbarrows,repair and preserve equipments,general and electrical equipments and…….


  General and personal Transportation Design : designing of automotives and non-automotives ,road transportation vehicles (designing automobiles is one of the technical branch of it),public transportation and rail transportations ,aqueous branch (lifeboat,motor boat…..)., aero branch.


  Interface Design : consist of designing control and command signs,displays or exhibitive products signs.


  Environment and city organization design : usually designers of environment and city organization cooperate in designings of the city areas,architecture of general areas, parks and special places for children,city furniture, areas and fairs for exhibition,designing of places to present and sell goods and products.

  Packaging Design : consists of designing of form and graphic of package and equipments for keeping,preserving ,storing and transporting of goods and products.


  Advantages Of Using Industrial Design


  Nowadays using of products have many complications.the technology which is used in some products can influence on the simple use of that product and as a result, it can be accompanied by rejection of that product by this situation industrial design can use and help to make presenting functions simpler than before.also in a market which is full of similar products qualitatively and technologically,cultural and social values manifest in appearance and output of objects and it can be cause for more selling of that goods and in ke market which needs the consumers is changing regularly ,industrial design can use as a main key and guarantees the success of products for productive , industrial design is responsible to try to elevating the functional and external quality of industrial products.




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