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Study Majors and Degrees

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Ph.D. Programs:

1- Industrial Engineering

PhD: This is the highest degree  offered in the Industrial
Engineering department. The program consists of two components,  learning and
research. The purpose of the program is to help graduate students
research on leading edge knowledge through an objective of creativity and
innovation. The program has the following subdivisions:
   1-   Industrial Engineering
   2-   Engineering Systems and Productivity
   3-   Socio Economic Systems

  2-IT Engineering: e-Commerce 


Graduate students will have the following capabilities:
    •   Detect  critical troubles in major governmental and non-a governmental organizations
    •   Provide well devised plans to achieve the best performance for production and non-production organizations
    •   Perform research on industry research
    •   Provide good methods for designing big production units


 Master Programs:

 Systems Engineering 

   •  Socio- Economic Systems Engineering

   •  Supply Chain and Logistic Engineering

   •  Master of IT Engineering: e-Commerce


Bachelor Programs:

  Industrial Engineering


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