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Selected Publications

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Authors of the superior year books:


Dr.Rassoul Noorossana,  a Faculty Member of Industrial Engineering Department - Industrial Production Group

Translation of the Statistical Quality Control Book, nominated as the best statistical year book(1995-1999)





Dr.Mir Bahadour Goli Arianejad,a Faculty Member of Industrial Engineering-Industrial Production group

Translation of the Total Production Control Book , nominated as the unique book of the year(1999-2001)



Dr.Mehdi Ghazanfari.a Faculty Member of Industrial Engineering- System Analysis Group

Translation of the book named as, Production Management Systems: an integrated perspective,3rd at the rankings of the Technical & Engineering Group( 2002)



Dr. Mohammad Fathiyan, a Faculty Member of the Information Technology Group

Translation of the Information Technology Management & fundamentals book -The first academic book in the field of IT(2007)




·   Elected paper of mines & industries research & development association-,1385

·   Seventh Conference of Research & Development Centers of Mines and Industries(Network value creation and R & D

1-Scientific bench marking to devise an appropriate organizational innovation model for Iran

2-Presenting a model to protect intellectual property rights in research & development affairs concentrating on network value creation.9-10th of Tir 1387.

·   Sixth conference of mines & industries research & development (R&D Globalization) 4th-5th Tir 1386

1-Accelerating development process and global technology transfer by means of research & development

·   5th conference of mines & industries research & development

( R&D and knowledge management)

1-Bench marking to enforce knowledge management process at the parliament of Islamic republic of Iran to materialize the vision.1st-2nd Dec.2006


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