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 School of Industrial Engineering


    The School of Industrial Engineering has a long history of research and active evolvements in industrial projects in collaboration with both private and public sectors. Currently the school holds  27 faculty members, 565 B.S., 150 M.Sc., and 56 Ph.D students. The Industrial Engineering curriculum equips students with strong aptitudes in designing engineering complex industrial systems with efficient production of goods and services, which can result in programming,  cost and economic analysis, project management and control, quality control, time and work management, inventory and production control, systems analysis and design, computer aided manufacturing, production management systems, design for static and dynamic systems, maintenance and repair planning, strategic planning, and systems simulation .

  The main focus of many research areas in this school is to use recent advances of optimization techniques, these include robust optimization, geometric programming and meta-heuristics on industrial engineering problems. The results obtained from  recent techniques are then applied to Iranian industries, and published  in quality index journals including Fuzzy Set and Systems, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing, European Journal of Operational Research, Computers aid Industrial Engineering, and etc. The school is committed to provide solutions towards  leading edge industrial engineering problems, and create a valuable environment for research.

    The school has established in recent years a welding center, which has received technical assistance from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) for enhancing quality welding training and research. The aim of this center is to provide technicians from the industry and students with the skills and principles necessary for welding, and to enable them to plan, design, implement and manage a variety of welding systems. It further seeks to provide students with an understanding of the physical principles, operating characteristics and practical applications of Gas, Flux-cored ore and other welding processes .


 The Major modules of the center are :

  1- Management of Weld Quality

  2- Design of Welded Structures

  3- Welding Metallurgy

  4- Welding Process and Equipment

  The welding center at IUST has a target to be recognized internationally as a center of excellence in welding science and technology, with a tight link to industry. The center will be involved in research and application projects for petroleum, automotive and ship building industries .

  In addition to the central library of the university, a well-equipped library supports fundamental and applied research in the school. There are approximately 11,000 books in English and Persian in the school’s library. Additionally, graduate and undergraduate students have access to a number of well-known online libraries such as Elsevier, Science Direct, Scopus, etc. The students also have access to hard copies of hundreds of international journals. Many industrial engineering software packages are available for both postgraduate and undergraduate students as well.   


  Contacts :

  Phone: +98 21 73225000-1

  Fax: +98 21 73021214



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