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Advanced ceramic

ceramics are a class of materials broadly defined as “inorganic,nonmetallic solids”. They have the largest range offunctions of all known materials. Despite the already existingvariety of compounds, the number of processingtechniques, and the known diversity of properties and applicationsof the materials, all advanced countries sharethe need for basic research in several areas: finding newcompounds with improved specific properties, increasingknowledge of fabrication processes for economical and ecologicalceramic parts production, miniaturization and integrationof ceramics with similar or dissimilar materials, andbuilding a better understanding of materials behaviourthrough computational modelling.

Typical projects:

  • Fabrication of barium hexaluminate fibers
  • Anti-acid enamels on steel: fabrication and properties
  • Effect of sintering temperature on the microstructure and magnetic properties of Nd-Fe-B magnet containing Ge additive
  • Effect of adding steel fibers in the magnesia-graphite and alumina-graphite refractories


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