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Some Important Scientific Events of EE Department in 2009

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  Some Important Scientific Events of EE Department in 2009

1-Professor H.shayanfar was selected as the "Best Professor of the Year"  among all Electrical Departments of Islamic Republic of Iran. 

2-Dr. A.Cheldavi was Promoted from Associate Professor to Full Professor.

3-Professor Cheldavi was Selected as the Best Researcher of the Iran University of science & Tecnology in 2009. The selection  was introduced to the Ministry of Research , Science and Technology.

4-The 17th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE 2009) was Successfully held in the University by the EE Department.

 5-The "Relay and Protection of (in) Electric Network" Conference was held by the EE Department.

6-35% improvement in research activities.

7-15% improvement in the faculty promotions.

8-Updating the publication of the Iranian Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IJEEE)

9-Conclusion of three large and thirty Medium industrial-research contracts.

10-Publication of six new books, authored or translated by he faculty members.

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