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  Welcome to the Pure Mathematics Department at Iran University of Science & Technology, one of Iran's leading centers in pure mathematics.

  Research Groups

  • Algebra

  • Analysis

  • Geometry



 The Department of Pure Mathematics allows students to choose from different application concentrations for their major in Pure Mathematics: Analysis, Algebra, Geometry, Compounds, Numbers Theory, and etc. The mission of the department is to develop competent professionals and educators and to:

  1. Train fully developed experts in the field of mathematics that are competent to pursue their education towards research employment and to transmit mathematics to all academic levels.

  2. Attain the necessary research for the expansion and localization of different mathematical efforts in the country.

  3. Respond to the country’s scientific needs in the field of mathematics and project designs.

 Pure Mathematics


 The courses of this eight term major will equip students with the knowledge necessary to master mathematical logic and theoretical problem solving. Throughout the course of four years, students will have gained adequate knowledge of mathematics and a general view point towards mathematics and its role.  Majoring in mathematics can lead to bright careers in business and industry.

The bylaw of the Higher Council Planning of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology has assigned 134 credit courses to the Pure Mathematics degree. This degree requires the completion of the following:

  22 credits in General Education courses

 61 credits in required basic, core, and specialized courses

 36 credits in Pure Mathematics core courses

 Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics students can choose 15 elective courses from within the school, and or from core courses from the schools of Industrial Engineering or Computer Engineering.


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