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Damage Mechanics in Composite Materials

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 Full Name: Dr. Mohammadi, Bijan

 Position: Associated Professor

 Phone: 98-21-77248967 Ex:8967

 Phone: 98-21-77240208

 Fax:     98-21-77240488

 Email: Bijan_Mohammadi @


 Address: Iran University of Science & Tech., Tehran, IRAN

      Damage Mechanics in Composite Materials

          Course Content  


         (AUT Students)   Project File pdf

           (IUST Students)   Final Project -95-96 pdf

             Final Project of "Damage in Composite Materials-96-97" pdf

             Second Project of "Damage in Composite Materials-96-97" pdf
             First Project of "Damage in Composite Materials-95-96" pdf

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