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Mineral Processing Research Laboratory

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  Directed by: A. Allahverdi (Assistant Prof.)

    Mineral-based products such as glass, ceramic, inorganic binders, etc, belongs to an important part of chemical industries. The importance of this part of industry is due to its inevitable role in construction and development of human societies. The progressive development of mineral processing industries in the country has necessitated more and more relevant research activities. The mineral technologies research laboratory benefiting from the presence of two academy members and a wide range of equipments including furnaces, mills, laser particle size analyzer, etc, provides facilities required to carry out research projects both for academic and industrial purposes. 
  This laboratory has been established in 1994 and till now (April 2009) has resulted in a number of different outcomes including 10 patents, almost 100 papers in national and international periodicals and conferences, 27 research projects, and about 60 M.Sc. and Ph.D. research projects.

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