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Missions, Visions and Objectives

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Missions, Visions and Objectives

 Rapid expansion of Information and Telecommunication technology in recent years has crossed all the traditional boundaries of face to face communication, crossing out the barrier of "distance" in daily communications. This rapid transformation along with socio-economic challenges in the last two decades have intensified the existing competition in providing e-learning services amongst public as well as private institutes, especially higher education institutes, in national as well as international dimensions.
  The E-Learning Center of IUST aims at serving social justice in the field of higher education through expanding admission capacity of the university and educating expertise who will satisfy specialized requirements of the society. The center has a comprehensive vision to arrive at excellence, and seeks to meet rapidly changing requirements of the current and future society in the fields of engineering and applied sciences.
  To achieve this goal, it is essential to gain credence in all educational as well as research activities of the center. Offering flexible and quality educational and research programs, which are competitive with best practices of their kind then, remains to be an essence to attain the above objectives.
  The IUST E-Learning Center has established its missions and visions in the following contexts:
  • Meeting the increasingly demanding educational requirements of the society;
  • Improving educational standing of the center through providing highest standards of education;
  • Employing state of the art achievements in Information and Communication Technology:
  • Strengthening industry and university collaboration.

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