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  2. Research Services for Graduate Students

  Considering the high number of graduate students in the faculty (around 200 PhD and Master Students), this center aims to provide them with sufficient research services such as books, journals, software and etc. Constructive communication between the PhD and master students is also one of the center’s goals.

  3. Services related to the Center of Islamic Architecture

  One of the main accomplishments of Avini center in 2012 was the establishment of Center of Islamic Architecture in Architecture faculty of University of Science and Technology. Since this center is the only one of this kind in Middle East, it can fill in the gaps and have significant scientific outcomes regarding Islamic Architecture.



 *** Introduction to the facilities of Avini Scientific Center in 1391

  · Islamic Architecture and Urban Planning and Design Specialized Library: with 1759 books and open to students in undergraduate and graduate levels.

  · Islamic Software Archive: Islamic Studies and Islamic Architecture software such as collection of scientific projects, Encyclopedias, Islamic Architecture seminars and speeches, Islamic History, Philosophical books, Mysticism, Jurisprudence, Islamic traditions and etc (122 CDs)

  · Digital Archive of Films and Images: including national and intenational architectural designs, contemporary architecture, books, journals (this archive is being collected with the help of university students).

  · Journal Archive: with 720 Journals.

  · Article Archive: with 2186 article from credible journals.

  · Video and Sound Cassette Archive: with 145 cassettes of speeches and interviews.

  · Archive of Studies Carried Out by Students: Studies in the fields of Western scholars and schools of thought, Islamic Architecture, Architecture of Garden, School and Hospital (700 projects).

  · Professors’ Theses Archive: Theses related to Islamic identity and art wisdom (95 theses).



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