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November 19, 2011 -

Amir Farhad Ehyaei

Electrical Engineering Department PhD Thesis Defense Session Motion Planning and Adaptive Control of a Two Cooperative Mobile Manipulator SystemAbstract: In this dissertation, motion planning and control of a system including two mobile manipulators with the aim of transporting a common rigid payload have been considered. In this regard, a dynamic model of the system has been derived and the corresponding equations have been solved via Kane method and Generalized-α algorithm, respectively. A 3D model has also been created by using Adams software to find the system parameters as close as possible to a similar system in real world.Also, a randomized motion planner has been designed in presence of static and moving obstacles with regard to singularities and its performance has been demonstrated by numerical simulations. A decentralized hybrid position/force adaptive controller has also been designed based on a SPF reduced model of the system with the capability of shared joint torque distribution. Finally, stability of the system is proved by using a suitable Lyapunov function. Simulation results illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.By : Amir Farhad Ehyaei Supervisor: Dr. Hossein Bolandi  Referee Committee:  Prof. Bahrami, Dr. Khoogar, Dr. Jahed Motlagh, Dr. Farrokhi, Dr. EsmaeilzadehDate: Sunday , 2011/11/20    Time: 17:00         Place: Iran University of Science and Technology             College of Electrical Engineering, Room: 303

November 4, 2009 -

Ph.D. Students

Bioelectrical Ph.D. StudentsElectronic Ph.D. StudentsControl Ph.D. StudentsPower Ph.D. StudentsCommunication Ph.D. StudentsPh.D. StudentsElectronic Ph.D. Students.Student's NameAdvisorAfifiDr. AyatolahiMirhoseiniDr. AyatolahiZamanlooDr. AyatolahiMohammadiDr. AyatolahiNorooziDr. AyatolahiRostamiDr. AbrishamifarAle AhmadDr. AbrishamifarGolshanDr. AbrishamifarMonfaredDr. AzhariSafariDr. AzhariShateriyanDr. AzhariSaberiDr. ShokoohiHaririDr. ShokoohiArasteDr. RahmatiTaheriDr. RahmatiEskandarnejadDr. RahmatiAghababaeeDr. RezaeeradAkbarizadeDr. RezaeeradValipoorDr. RezaeeradAmoonDr. RezaeeradBasiriDr. Shah hoseiniEfhamiDr. Shah hoseiniJafariDr. Shah hoseiniMomtazDr. SadrZolfagharinejadDr. SadrOkhovvatDr. SadrTaleshDr. ErfaniyanFariborzDr. KasaeeAbkenarDr. KasaeeMohammadkhaniDr. KasaeeSalemianDr. Mohammad nejadRahimiDr. Mohammad nejadTaherkhaniDr. Mohammad nejadNasiri SarviDr. Mohammad nejadDamavandiDr. MohammadiChabokDr. MohammadiGholshanDr. MohammadiLarejaniDr. MohammadiJahaniradDr. MohammadiGhooshebolaghDr. MohammadiAataniDr. MirzakoochakiHamghalamDr. MirzakoochakiDelavarDr. MirzakoochakiBagheriDr. NaderiTavakoliDr. NaderiSahafiDr. NaderiSafkhaniDr. NaderiPh.D. StudentsBioelectrical Ph.D. Students.Student's NameAdvisorA -SalbafDr. BehnamSalehiDr. BehnamR-ShalbafDr. BehnamKabraviDr. ErfaniyanNekookarDr. ErfaniyanAsadiDr. ErfaniyanPh.D. StudentsCommunication Ph.D. Students.Student's NameAdvisorMoshrefiDr. AbolhasaniArdestaniDr.ShiraziHoseiniDr.ShiraziSadeghigolDr.ShiraziKazerooniDr. ChaldaviKhodabakhshiDr.ShiraziAlebooyeDr.ShiraziBahramiDr.ShiraziShafieeyanDr. KashaniFalahDr. KashaniSadeghikiyaDr. KashaniArmakiDr. KashaniJanipoorDr. KashaniRazaviDr.KhalajGhorbaninejadDr.KhalajMoradiyanDr.KhalajMoeenifardDr.KhalajSedighiDr.KhalajSharifiDr. SoleimaniNiriDr. SoleimaniHashemiDr. SoleimaniMirhadiDr. SoleimaniEemaniDr. SoleimaniMoghadamDr. TabatabavakiliAkbariDr. TabatabavakiliBaraziDr. TabatabavakiliRezaeeDr. TayaraniEsfahaniDr. TayaraniTooniDr. TayaraniAbdolaaliDr. OreiziSharifiDr. OreiziTinatDr. OreiziPazookiDr. OreiziRezaeeDr. OreiziKarshenasDr. OreiziAttarDr. FalahatiHosseiniDr. FalahatiPanahiDr. FalahatiTooraniDr. FalahatiJanatiDr. FalahatiRajabiDr. KomjaniMohammadiradDr. KomjaniGhalibafanDr. KomjaniZoghiDr. KahaeeAtashbarDr. KahaeeMahdikhaniDr. KahaeeMomenzadeDr. KahaeeJabariyanDr. KahaeeAghababaeeDr. VajedsamieeTalafiDr. VajedsamieePh.D. StudentsPower Ph.D. Students.Student's NameAdvisormoosaviDr. JamaliZanganeDr. JadidVahidinasabDr. JadidAlizadeDr. JadidRabanifarDr. JadidSalkooyeDr. JadidZiyariDr. JaliliyanSavaghebiDr. JaliliyanAsadiDr. JaliliyanTalavatDr. JamaliShateriDr. JamaliGhafariDr. JamaliSharifiDr. HeidariVahdatiDr. HeidariRezaeeDr. HeidariAbrishamiDr. HeidariRabieeDr. ShayanfarAghaeeDr. ShayanfarEsmaeeliDr. ShayanfarPoorfathDr. ShayanfarKaramiDr. ShayanfarSafariDr. ShayanfarDerakhshan HooreDr. ShayanfarNabaviDr. MasoomAsadiDr. MasoomAbdolmohammadiDr. MasoomShakaramiDr. MasoomGhandahariDr. ShoolaeeAlizade pahlavanDr. ShoolaeeMosalanejadDr. ShoolaeeShiriDr. ShoolaeeDehestaniDr. ShoolaeeHamedaniDr. ShoolaeeHaghjooDr. ShahrtashSarlakDr. ShahrtashKhoshkhooDr. ShahrtashBabaeeDr. ShahrtashDavariDr. ArabkhabooriEsmaeeliDr. ArabkhabooriSadrDr. ArabkhabooriNiyasatiDr. GholamiMoradiDr. GholamiAbbasiDr. GholamiAziziDr. GholamiShahabiDr. GholamiMoosaviDr. KalantarTofighiDr. KalantarShafaeeDr. KalantarSadeghiDr. KalantarShahnazariDr. VahediBehjatDr. VahediMoghadamDr. VahediBaktashDr. VahediRezaeepoorM.KazemiLashgararaM.KazemiDehghanM.KazemiPh.D. StudentsControl Ph.D. Students.Student's NameAdvisorSaberiDr. BolandiEhyaeeDr. BolandiAbediDr. BolandiAshtariDr. BolandiZareeeDr. PoshtanSadabadiDr. PoshtanSadeghzadeDr. PoshtanRezaeeDr. MotlaghBarkhordariDr. MotlaghArefiDr. MotlaghBayatDr. JalaliGolMohammadDr. JalaliBidaghiDr. JalaliKheirizadDr. JalaliHajatipoorDr. FarokhiKazemiDr. FarokhiMoodiDr. ShariKhodabandeDr. ShariShojaeeDr. ShariJabari AslDr. ShariRezaeeDr. Shari

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