IUST Research and Technology Division forms one of the university keystones in expanding fundamental research and providing the society with scientific and applied services, and further promotes the national and international status of university. IUST has a strong reputation for training and educating future research leaders for public and private sectors. Its profile is further strengthened by the recruitment of eminent researchers and their outstanding teams.
Research is a prime activity in the everyday work of our university; students can take part in research activities in numerous ways. Some students are engaged as research assistants in projects being conducted by faculty mermbers. Students also are required to participate in research projects during their senior year in a research seminar or in a thesis research project in the laboratory of a faculty member. They are also provided with access to the high quality education delivered via a superb campus environment with a powerful mix of face-to-face teaching and the online & multimedia learning technologies.

IUST Research and Technology Division is committed to:

  • Ensure an effective research centered university by invigorating the faculties role as the main research conductors
  • Expand high quality interdisciplinary programs
  • Promote the dissemination and application of research results to the commercial marketplace
  • Prioritize research activities and acknowledge and celebrate innovation in research groups
  • Help advance the work of individual researchers and strive to promote research partnerships and collaborations
  • Undertake a dynamic and sustainable environment and remove the cause of any obstacles.

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