About E-Learning

About E-Learning

E-Learning Basics

   In today's global society, learning is required throughout our lives - not only to remain competitive in job markets, but also to enhance our individual participation in culture and society. We need to learn new skills, we need further training for existing skills and we need new and faster ways to learn these skills.
  Enter e-learning - a viable and effective method that leverages Internet to deliver anytime/anywhere learning to individual or corporate learners. From rich multimedia instruction to online community and discussion, e-learning has the power to increase access to education and training, while reducing learning costs.

Why E-Learning is for you

 Some of the key benefits of e-learning include:
  • Learning on your schedule, at your convenience,
• Access learning from your home or workplace,
• Multimedia technology, community and discussion offer a total learning experience that parallels traditional classroom instruction,
• Competitive education prices, fitting your budget,
• Development of new job skills or training for a new job,
• Providing an opportunity to interact with learners worldwide.

IUST Online

   IUST's accredited online degree programs are designed for professionals who want to complete or advance their education online without compromising quality. IUST's online degree and certificate programs offer the same accredited curricula as their on-campus equivalents.
  IUST is a premier online university, offering online degrees as an option for students. As a university with a strong background in technology and research, IUST Online brings more to online learning than other online universities. Our degree programs are supported by a long, 40 year, experience of leadership in establishing ties with the industries.
  Applications for online degree programs (in the Persian language) are now being accepted. Check out our program curriculum, admissions requirements, and apply for the program that fits you best.

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