In the Name of the Most High 

We thanks God and seek His aid to grant us the opportunity for serving Islam and Islamic Revolution. 

Promotion of knowledge and intelligence is the goal of all of us and this is not unlikely considering the great aptitudes of our intellectual academicians; however utilization of this potential requires preserving overall solidarity, wisdom and cooperation. 

Fulfillment of this provision needs providing of a sincere and peaceful environment. 

Respecting law and comprehensibility is a necessity for each dynamic and productive society. I oblige myself to act according to law and apply the law for all without any discrimination. 

Dear students are as the children of the faculty members and academicians and certainly all our endeavors are for their scientific and social promotion. We believe in that upgrading the students’ talents requires providing a suitable and peaceful environment so I invite all students and faculty members to be tolerant and patient in this process. 

I always welcome every suggestions and views for better development of our university. All we academicians, faculty members, staff, and students, pledge to do our best for exalting our university’s status and avoid any divergence from the Gods satisfaction and way. 

Mohammadali Barkhordari 







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