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Personal Details


NAME: Saeed  

SURNAME: Shabestari


Fields of Research Interests:

Casting, Solidification, Heat Treatment, Physical Metallurgy.


Contact Address

Department of Metallurgy & Materials Engineering

Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), Narmak, Tehran, Iran

Tel: +9821-7724540-550 , Ext: 2815

Fax: +9821-77240480



Nazari, S.G.Shabestari" Effect of micro alloying elements on the interfacial reactions between molten aluminum alloy and tool steel" j. of alloys and compounds 2009.

S.G.Shabestari, D.Li,D.Isac,L.Guthrie" The role of solidification conditions on the microstructural features of AA6111 aluminum strips cast on a horizontal single belt caster" J.of materials research 2008.

A.Vaziri, H.A.Shahverdi, S.G.Shabestari, M.J. Torkamani" Effect of beam interaction time on laser alloying with pulsed Nd-YAG laser" Materials sci. & technology 2008.

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S.G.Shabestarit M.M.Hejazi,M.Bahramifar" Effect of magnesium and artificial aging on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-Si-Mn alloys" Materials and advances in(AMPT) materials.2008

S.Mirzaei, A.Beitollahi,S.G.Shabestari, F.Shahri" Effect of heat treatment on the GMI effect and Domain structures of amorfous and nanocrystalline soft magnetic Fe72Si12.5B9Nb3 Cu1Al1.5Ge1 alloy"2nd int. cong. on nanotech. ( ICNN2008,2008

S.G.Shabestari, M.M.Hejazi" Combined effects of cooling rate grain refinement on the microstructure and hardness of modified 319 aluminum alloy" MSE congress,2008

M.H.Shaeri, S.G.Shabestari, H.Saghafian" Efect of austempering and martempring heat treatment on the amount of retained austenite in Cr-Mo steels used in mills liner" MSE congress,2008
Seyedraoufi, Saghafian, Shabestari" Synthesis of Cu-Al2O3 nano composite by thermochemical method"  2nd  international congress on nanoscience .2008

  S. Shabestari, H. Moemeni, "Effect of Copper and Solidification condition on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-Si-Mg", Int. advances in materials and processing technologies, Irland, 2003.

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  R. Taghiabadi, H. M. Ghasemi, S. G. Shabestari, "Sliding wear behaviour of high iron F332 Al-Si alloy", The 3rd int. conf. on application of traditional and high performance materials in harsh environments, 2008

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