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Addresses : Iran University of Science & Technology - Tehran – Iran

Tel : +98(21)  77240467  

Fax : +98(21) 77240468

Email: Information@iust.ac.ir 

:: Dr Khakzand ::
 | Post date: 2013/12/25 | 


AWT IMAGE       

 Personal Details

Surname: Khakzand 

Name:  Mehdi 

Date of birth: 2 july 1980 

E-mail: mkhakzand AT iust.ac.ir

Present Position: Assistant professor of landscape architecture

Department: Architecture and Urban studies

Ph.D. Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran   Date: 9.9.2009

Tel: +98-21- 77240467 Fax: +98-21- 77240468

E_mail: mkhakzand@iust.ac.ir 

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i) University Degrees


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Landscape Architecture, Iran University of Science and Technolology (www.iust.ac.ir),  Sep. 2005 –Sep. 2009


- PhD Seminar1: Creative Pattern Language in Academic Landscape Design Process


- PhD Seminar 2: Achievement to a model based on pattern language In academic landscape design process


- Thesis title: “A Pattern Language for Landscape Design” Exploration of Socio - Cultural, Ecological and Aesthetical Dimensions from physical and human base significant valuables of pattern language in Landscape Design


Master of Art (MA) in Architecture, Imam Khomeini International University (www.ikiu.ac.ir),


Sep. 2003 – Jan. 2005


- Thesis title: Architects’ house: “Designing Architectural Education Center”


ii) Sellected Short Course Certificates


- “Workshop on the Design Process in Architecture”, held by the Architectural Association (AA) and London Metropolitan University, Tehran, Iran, 16-19 August 2006.


- “Workshop on the Spacefarme structures”, held by the Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran, 15-25 May 2004.




Assistant Professor, School of Architecture and Urban Studies, Iran University of Science and Technology, Since September 2013


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Environment, Department of Environmental Design, University of Tehran, June 2010- June 2012


Teaching Experiences


­ 2010 to 2012, Fundamentals of Environmental design (Postgraduate Course), Department of environmental design, Graduate school of Environment, University of Tehran.


­ 2005 to 2013, Fundamentals of Architectural design 2 (Undergarduate Course), Lecturer at Iran University of science and technology (IUST).


­ 2005 to 2011, Fundamentals of Architectural design 1 and 2 (Undergarduate Course),  Architectural Design 1 and 4 (Undergarduate Course) , Shiraz University (international branch).


­ 2006-2007, Architectural Design 1 and 4 (Undergarduate Course), Art University of Isfahan (AUI).


­ 2010, Landscape Architectural Design (Postgraduate Course), Imam Khomeini International University


­ 2010 to date, Architectural Design 1 and 2 (Postgraduate Course), Islamic Azad University, Qazvin branch


Selected Written Works


i) Books:


­ Analysis of 10 buildings form 50 years of Iranian contemporary architecture. 2010. Farhang-e Matin Publication. Tehran. Iran.


­ Form, Space and Order in Iranian Architecture. 2013. Iran university of science and technology press. Tehran. Iran. (under publication)


­ (TRANSLATION TO PERSIAN) From concept to form in landscape design. Written by Reid, G.W. 1993. John Wiley and Sons Inc.


­  (TRANSLATION TO PERSIAN) What’s a designer: things, places and messages. Written by Potter, n. 2002. Hyphen press. London.


­ (TRANSLATION TO PERSIAN) Theory in landscape architecture: A reader. Written by Swaffield, S. 2002. University of Pennsylvania press. Philadelphia.


­  (TRANSLATION TO PERSIAN) The dissertation: an architectures Student’s hand book: 2nd edition. Written by Burden, Ian. 2006. (Translator assistant for 2 chapters)


ii) Journal Papers:


­ Mozaffar, F. and Khakzand, M.Achievement to a new pattern in architectural design education model. Case study: Isfahan Art University”, Design Principles and practices; An International Journal. (2008) vol: 2. no: 2. 141–159.


­ Faizi, M. and Khakzand, M.The position of concept in landscape design”, Design Principles and practices; An International Journal. (2007) vo: 1. no: 3. 27–37.


­ Faizi, M. and Khakzand, M.Drawing Diagrams as an aid to Architectural Design process”. International journal of engineering sciences (issn: 1018-7375). (2008) vol: 19. No: 6. 1–11. http://ijes.iust.ac.ir


­ Faizi, M. and Khakzand, M.A brief review on Pattern Language in landscape architecture”. NAMAD journal. Published in Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST). (Spring 2009) 131–149.


­ Mozaffar, F. and Khakzand, M.Architectural design process in the technology age”. International journal of engineering sciences (ISSN: 1018-7375). (2008) vol: 19. No: 6. 1–11. http://ijes.iust.ac.ir


­ Faizi, M., Khakzand, M. and Mahmoudi, A. “Culture as a value in urban landscape identity”. The international journal of environmental, cultural, economic & social sustainability. Common Ground Publishing (2009) vo: 5. no: 3. 189–207.


­ Faizi, M. and Khakzand, M.The Landscape Architecture Process, From past till now”. Bagh-Nazar journal (ISSN: 1735-9635). No:9. (2008) 65–80. www.nazar.ws


­ Mozaffar, F., Arjmand, S.J. and Khakzand, M.A holistic approach to ward design”. HEALTH ESTATE (Journal of the institute of healthcare engineering and estate management). Volume 63. Number 6. June 2009. pp: 50-55.


­ Faizi, M. and Khakzand, M.Sustainable landscape architecture in practice”. Haft Shahr journal. No: 21 & 22. (2008) 61–74.




­ Mehdizadeh, F., Mozaffar, F. and Khakzand, M.changes in contemporary Iranian architecture through visual analogy in form”. Honar Pajoh journal (ISSN: 1735-756X). No: 6. summer 2007.


­ Khakzand, M. “The procedure for design and methods for plant coverage in landscape architecture”. Bagh-Nazar journal (ISSN: 1735-9635). No: 2. (Winter 2005) 65–80. www.nazar.ws


­ Gorji, Y., Faizi, M. and Khakzand, M. (2011) Lighting programme and Iranian schools lighting requirements. International Journal of Architectural Engineering & Urban Planning, Vol. 21, No. 1, June 2011.


­ Khakzand, M. (2012) A Landscape Design Process Based on Alexandrian Theory (An Iranian Academic Study). Journal of Armanshahr. Number 8, spring and summer 2012.


­ Gorji, Y. and Khakzand, M. (2012) “An Annual Admittance Programme for Heating & Cooling of School Buildings in Iran. Archives Des Sciences Journal (ISI), Volume 65, Issue. 6.


­ M. Khakzand, F. Mozaffar, S. J. Arjomand (2012) “Natural environment and its vital impact on patient women hospitalized in the maternity wards of Tehran’s general hospitals. International Journal of Architectural Engineering & Urban Planning, Vol. 22, No. 2, December 2012.


­ Khakzand, M., Tabatabai Yeganeh, R.S. and Shakeri, M. (2013) “Investment Methods in Sustainable Water Resource Management using SAW Method”. Journal of Armanshahr. No: 10. Spring & summer 2013.


­ Khakzand, M., Faizi, M. and Azari, A. (2013) “A trivalent approach to Shiraz Khoshk River landscape quality”. Space Ontology International Journal. No: 1. Spring & summer 2013.


­ Khakzand, M., Faizi, M. and Helali, Sh. (2013) “Promoting the tourism spaces of the lake of Tello Forestry park”. Journal of Iranian Association of Architecture and urbanism. (under publication)


­ Khakzand, M. and Aghabozorgi, K. (2013) “Attainment to architectural ingredients of educational spaces for trainable intellectual disable children”. Journal of Iranian Association of Architecture and urbanism. (in publication process)


­ Khakzand, M. (2013) “An Exploration of a Socio–Cultural approach using significant variables of Pattern Language amongst Iranian experts of Environmental Design”. Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering. (Under revision).


­ Khakzand, M. (2013) “Landscape, a Missing Link in the Process of Architectural Design, in Iran’s Architecture Schools”. International Journal of Art & Design Education. (Under referee)


­ Khakzand, M., Gorji, Y. and Teimouri, S. (2013) “Women or public parks? Viewpoints and Preferences of women in using urban paks (analysing of 4 parks in tehran)”. Journal of Armanshahr. (under publication).


Conference Attendance


­ Faizi, M., Khakzand, M. and Razzaghi S.“a proposed method for sustainable qualitative assessment of water in townscape”. 2nd International Conference on waste management, water pollution, air pollution and indoor climate (WWAI'08). Corfu, Greece, October 26-28, 2008.


­ Mozaffar, F. and Khakzand, M. “influence of Islamic culture aesthetics and scientific principles on dialog between architecture and nature”. International Conference for the Mohammadian Art. Isfahan, Iran. 29-31 Des 2006. (www.ICMA2006.ir)


­ Faizi, M. and Khakzand, M. “A review on the landscape quality of shiraz khoshk stream”. 54th IFLA congress. Appeldoorn, Netherlands. July, 2008.­­­­­­­­




­ Faizi, M. and Khakzand, M. “Shiraz school gardening and Timurid gardens”. Shiraz school Congress. Shiraz, Iran. December, 2008.­­­­­­­­


­ Faizi, M., Khakzand, M. and Shahbazi, M. “The importance of green spaces in promotion of compact cities’ spatial quality”. Superier city, superior design: international conference. Hamedan, Iran. Augest, 2006. www.scsdhamedan.ir


­ Khakzand, M. and Ghasemi, R. “An investigation on the position and role of verticalgreen space in promoting spatial quality compact cities of Iran”. 48th IFLA congress. Switzerland. June, 2011.


­ Khakzand, M., Arabsolghar, N. and Kia, K. “Pedestrian movement in urban open spaces (Case study: Imam Hossein Square, Tehran, Iran)”. International conference on “The City, Pedestrian life”. Tehran. Iran. 5-6 March 2012.


­ Khakzand, M., Majidi, M. and Nikpay.S., A. “Yesterday’s Dynamic Alleys, Today’s Unforgotten Alleys, Tomorrow’s Pavement Life”. International conference on “The City, Pedestrian life”. Tehran. Iran. 5-6 March 2012.


­ Khakzand, M., Kaviani Nejad T. and Pilechiha, P. (2012) “Explaining identifying factors to the Islamic urban spaces by reviewing of the Quran and Islamic literature”. Itnternational conference on Islamic Architecture and Built Environment. 3th and 4th March 2012. Isfahan Art University. Isfahan. Iran.


­ Mozaffar, F., Khakzand, M. and Aghabozorgi, K. (2013) “Achieving physical and functional orders in Islamic architecture and urban planning via Quran and Hadith”. Itnternational conference on Architecture and Built Environment. 7th and 8th November2013. KAED, IIUM & Perbadanan Putrajaya. Malaysia.


­ Khakzand, M. and Aghabozorgi, K. (2013) “Designing educational spaces for intellectual disable children”. National conference on humanist architecture and urbanism. 30 november 2013. Islamic Azad University (Qazvin branch). Qazvin. Iran.


Research Projects


Team LeaderCollaborative architectural design process and its effects on architecture students”. co-sponsored and implemented by AUI (Art university of Isfahan). 2008-2009.


Team LeaderDesigning 2 hectar urban open space in Parand new Town regarding Islamic and Children-oriented approaches”. co-sponsored and implemented by UT (university of Tehran). 2012.




Awards and Scholarships


­ Letter of Appreciation”, issued by the Imam Khomeini of International university (IKIU) for Acquiring the first stand of M.A. between Architecture students, 2004


­ Letter of Appreciation”, issued by the Imam Khomeini of International university (IKIU) for choosing M.A. thesis as the most superior research, 2005


­  Letter of Appreciation”, issued by the Iran university of science and technology (IUST) for being selected as the prominent researcher amongst Ph.D. candidates for three years, 2009, 2007 and 2006


­ Letter of Appreciation”, issued by the Iran university of science and technology (IUST) for Acquiring  the first stand between Architecture candidates and Distinguished Alumni, 2009


­  Letter of Appreciation”, issued by the Art University of Isfahan (AUI) for being selected as the prominent designer in the first Green Architecture National Festival (in urban landscape design section). Isfahan, Iran. 2010.


­ “Festival Statue, Letter of Appreciation and Cash Award”, issued by the “IRAN 2026 Art Festival” for selecting the book “Analysis of 10 buildings form 50 years of Iranian contemporary architecture” as the best work. 2012.


Assignments and Consultations


Member of Advisory Board in the preparation of “The SecondNational Millennium Development Goals Report 2007: Achievements and Challenges”

­ Director of Public Affairs and Administration, Center of Exellence in Islamic Architecture. 2013


­ Advisor of  CEO of Qeshm Free Zone. 2012-2013

­ Member and scrutineer of Iranian Association of Architecture and Urbanism. 2009 till now

­ Scientific advisor- research and development Assistant of tehran municipality. 2008.

­ Director and scientific board member of IUST martyr memorial design competition. 2009.


Professional Experiences


i) 2007 – To Date 


­ Cooperation with Armanshahr Consulting Engineers in some Landscape and Urban design projects. 2010-2013.

­ Supervisor and Designer of public open space, landscape and 2 architectural projects in region 4 (Tehran Municipality)- 2010

­ Designing 2 hectar urban open space in Parand new Town regarding Islamic and Children-oriented approaches- 2012

­ Supervisor and Designer - Oil and Energy new town master plan, Qeshm Island. 2012-2013.


ii) Jan 2005 – 2007 Fajre tose-e Constructing Engineers- Tehran


­ Designing apartments, 3 to 6 stores of Shirvan

­ Urban design in 2 streets of Mashhad (Scape controlling)

­ Promoting Urban scapes of Shiraz City, [on going in Fajr-e tose-e Constructing Engineers]


iii) Jun 1998 - May 2004 in some Constructing Engineers- Shiraz

­ Landscape design (Bezin park)

­ Supervision on construction of two private houses (for example Mr.Esmaeeli Lari’s villa)

­ Designing Daneshjoo Square details (for example pyramidal waterfall)

­ Designing apartments, Educational building

­ Restoration of two old holy shrine

­ Landscape design (Fadak park) in Sadra new town

­ Designing and Supervision on Construction: Chamran hospitals mosque

­ Designing Shiraz gate.


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