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P. A. A. Magalhaes Junior, I. G. Rios, T. S. Ferreira, A. C. de Andrade Junior, O. A. de Carvalho Filho, C. A. Magalhaes,
Volume 4, Issue 3 (9-2014)

This article aims to study the self-supporting truss towers used to support large wind turbines. The goal is to evaluate and validate numerically by finite element method the structural analysis when the lattice structures of the towers of wind turbines are subjected to static loads and these from common usage. With this, it is expected to minimize the cost of transportation and installation of the tower and maximize the generation of electricity, considering technical standards and restrictions of structural integrity and safety, making vibration analysis and the required static and dynamic loads, thereby preventing failures by fractures or mechanical fatigue. Practical examples of towers will be designed by the system and will be tested in structural simulation programs using the Finite Element Method. This analysis is performed on the entire region coupling action of the turbine, with variable sensitivity to vibration levels. The results obtained for freestanding lattice tower are compared with the information of a tubular one designed to support the generator with the same characteristics. At the end of this work it was possible to observe the feasibility of using lattice towers that proved better as its structural performance but with caveats about its dynamic performance since the appearance of several other modes natural frequency thus reducing the intervals between them in low frequency and theoretically increase the risk of resonance.

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