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H. Fazli,
Volume 12, Issue 4 (8-2022)

A dual structural fused system consists of replaceable ductile elements (fuses) that sustain major seismic damage and leave the primary structure (PS) virtually undamaged. The seismic performance of a fused structural system is determined by the combined behavior of the individual PS and fuse components. In order to design a feasible and economic structural fuse concept, we need a procedure to choose the most efficient combination of the PS and fuse systems subject to the stringent constraints of seismic performance and minimum structural cost objectives, simultaneously. In this paper, an efficient method is developed for minimum cost design of dual fused building structures using a performance-based seismic design procedure. The method involves updating a set of reference parameters to find the most suitable combination of PS and fuse structures with satisfactory seismic performance and optimum total structural cost, concurrently. For a set of preselected reference parameters, the structural design variables including primary and fuse structural member sizes are determined through individual linear elastic design processes. Therefore, a limited number of inelastic analyses are required to evaluate seismic response of the combined fused system. The proposed method is applied to seismic design optimization of a moment resisting frame equipped with BRBs as structural fuses. The obtained results indicate that proposed design optimization procedure is sufficiently robust and reliable to design cost-effective structural fuse systems with satisfactory seismic performance.

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