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Mirbagheri S.m.h., Ashouri H., Varahram N., Davami P.,
Volume 1, Issue 2 (Jan 2004)

In this investigation a new model was developed to calculate gas pressure at the melt/foam interface (Gap) resulting from foam degradation during mould filling in the Lost Foam Casting (LFC) process. Different aspects of the process, such as foam degradation, gas elimination, transient mass, heat transfer, and permeability of the refractory coating were incorporated into this model. A Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) code was developed based on the numerical technique of the SOLution Algorithm- Volume Of Fluid (SOLA- VOF) utilizing model, for the simulation and prediction of the fluid flow in the LFC process. In order to verify the computational results of the simulation, a thin plate of gray iron was poured into a transparentfoam mould. The mould filling process was recorded using a 16mm high-speed camera. Images were analysed frame by frame, in order to measuring foam depolymerization rate and the gap volume during mould filling. Comparison between the experimental method and the simulation results, for the LFC filling sequence, has shown a good agreement.
Mirbagheri S.m.h., Chirazi A.,
Volume 2, Issue 3 (Apr 2005)

A numerical model has been developed for the determination of liquid flow permeability through columnar dendrite during growth. The model is inclusive two stages, first numerical evolution of the dendrite shape during growth, and second numerical determination of the interdendritic liquid permeability. Simulation results shown which solute concentration by evolution of dendrite shape could result to reduction of the permeability during solidification time. Comparison between the experimental data from other authors and the present numerical model data, for the low and high solid fractions, has shown a good agreement rather than current numerical models. Therefore present permeability model, in this investigation, could be used for all of the micro solidification codes by coupling on the segregation and the Fick's equations in domain of the inter-dendritic liquid for mushy alloys.

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