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Mostafa Shirinfar, Hassan Haleh,
Volume 22, Issue 4 (12-2011)

In this study, an outsourcer evaluation and management system is developed for a manufacturing company by use of Fuzzy goal programming (FGP). A first phase of the methodology evaluation criteria for outsources and the objectives of the company are determined. Considering the fuzziness in the decision data, linguistic variables that can be expressed in generalized fuzzy number are used. The propose approach is utilized from fuzzy sets, Analytic Network Process (ANP), fuzzy TOPSIS and Preference Ranking Organization method for enrichment evaluations (PROMETHEE) approaches. Evaluation criteria for this problem are weighted by Fuzzy ANP approach then in the Fuzzy TOPSIS and Fuzzy PROMETHEE approaches. At the second phase the FGP model developed selects the most appropriate outsourcers suitable to be strategic partners with the company and simultaneously allocates the quantities to be ordered to them. At the end, gives the computational results .

Mahdi Yousefi Nejad Attari, Mohhamad Reza Bageri, Ensiyeh Neishabouri,
Volume 23, Issue 3 (9-2012)

Decision making about outsourcing or insourcing of manufacturing activities is a type of multiple criteria decision making (MCDM) problem, which requires considering quantitative and qualitative factors as evaluation criteria simultaneously. Therefore, a suitable MCDM method can be useful in this area as it can consider the interactions among quantitative and qualitative criteria. The analytic network process (ANP) is a relatively new MCDM method which can deal with different kinds of interactions systematically. Moreover, the Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL) method is able to convert the relations between cause and effect of criteria into a visual structural model as well as handling the inner dependences within a set of criteria. However both ANP method and DEMATEL techniques in their original forms are incapable of capturing the uncertainty during value judgment elicitation. To overcome this problem, here, a new and effective model is proposed based on combining fuzzy ANP and fuzzy DEMATEL for decision making about outsourcing or insourcing of manufacturing activities in uncertain conditions. Data from a case study is used to illustrate the usefulness and applicably of the proposed method.

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