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Abbas Saghaei, Hoorieh Najafi,
Volume 22, Issue 2 (6-2011)


  Six sigma,

  Rolled throughput yield, Organizational performance

Six Sigma is a well- established approach to improve the capability of business processes in order to gain satisfaction of customers. The performance assessment of a given process is essential to some phases of six sigma methodology. So far, different indicators are used to demonstrate the performance of a process, while many organizations tend to report their organizational performance level. Unfortunately there have been few methods on calculating overall performance. This paper introduces a quantitative model that is formulated by focusing on process features. In addition, a number of numerical examples illustrate the performance of our proposed method in comparison to other methods .

Mr. Virender Narula , Dr. Sandeep Grover,
Volume 26, Issue 1 (3-2015)

There has been considerable number of papers published related to Six Sigma applications in manufacturing and service organizations. However, very few studies are done on reviewing the literature of Six Sigma in all the areas including manufacturing, construction, education, financial service, BPOs and healthcare etc. Considering the contribution of Six Sigma in recent time, a more comprehensive review is presented in this paper. The authors have reviewed Six Sigma literature in the way that would help research academicians and practitioners to take a closer look at the growth, development, and applications of this technique. The authors have reviewed various journal papers and suggested different schemes of classification. In addition, certain gap areas are identified that would help researchers in further research.
Selva Staub, Sam Khoury, Kouroush Jenab,
Volume 26, Issue 3 (9-2015)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has become the most strategic tool for an organization to employ. A leading ERP solution is SAP®. It has been employed by organizations to enable them to collaborate on different projects and to integrate all aspects of operations. Just as organizations have adopted ERP solutions, they employed quality initiatives that are designed to help organizations maximize efficiency. One of these quality initiatives organizations have turned to is Six Sigma. This paper explores the impact of SAP® solutions on the success of Six Sigma initiative implementation in an agile environment, where the needs of the customer changes rapidly. The literature shows that SAP® type ERP products play a critical role in the implementation process like Six Sigma, where the implementation process takes time. Also, the literature implies that in agile environments Six Sigma implementation can be ineffective.


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