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A. Azaron , S.m. Fatemi Ghomi,
Volume 18, Issue 3 (International Journal of Engineering 2007)

Abstract : In this paper , we apply the stochastic dynamic programming to approximate the mean project completion time in dynamic Markov PERT networks. It is assumed that the activity durations are independent random variables with exponential distributions, but some social and economical problems influence the mean of activity durations. It is also assumed that the social problems evolve in accordance with the independent semi-Markov processes over the planning horizon. By using the stochastic dynamic programming, we find a dynamic path with maximum expected length from the source node to the sink node of the stochastic dynamic network. The expected value of such path can be considered as an approximation for the mean project completion time in the original dynamic PERT network.


Mehdi Mahnam , Seyyed Mohammad Taghi Fatemi Ghomi ,
Volume 23, Issue 4 (IJIEPR 2012)

  Fuzzy time series have been developed during the last decade to improve the forecast accuracy. Many algorithms have been applied in this approach of forecasting such as high order time invariant fuzzy time series. In this paper, we present a hybrid algorithm to deal with the forecasting problem based on time variant fuzzy time series and particle swarm optimization algorithm, as a highly efficient and a new evolutionary computation technique inspired by birds’ flight and communication behaviors. The proposed algorithm determines the length of each interval in the universe of discourse and degree of membership values, simultaneously. Two numerical data sets are selected to illustrate the proposed method and compare the forecasting accuracy with four fuzzy time series methods. The results indicate that the proposed algorithm satisfactorily competes well with similar approaches.

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