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Prof. Mohammad Saidi- Mehrabad
College of Industrial Engineering, Iran University of Science &
Personal Website: Mohammad Saidi-Mehrabad
Scopus Profile: Mohammad Saidi-Mehrabad
 Scholar Profile: Mohammad Saidi-Mehrabad
ORCiD Profile: Mohammad Saidi-Mehrabad

Prof. Parviz Fattahi
Scopus Profile: Parviz Fattahi
Scholar Profile: Parviz Fattahi
ORCiD Profile: Parviz Fattahi

Dr. Daniele Manerba
Scholar Profile: Daniele Manerba
Scopus Profile:Daniele Manerba
ORCID Profile: Daniele Manerba
Prof. Hamid Parsaei
Scopus Profile: Hamid Parsaei
Scholar Profile: Hamid Parsaei
ORCID Profile: Hamid Parsaei

Dr. Mahdi Fathi
Scholar Profile: Mahdi Fathi
Scopus Profile: Mahdi Fathi
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Prof. Ahmad Makui
Scopus Profile: Ahmad Makui
Scholar Profile: Ahmad Makui
ORCID Profile: Ahmad Makui
Dr. Mehdi Seifbarghy
Scopus Profile: Mehdi Seifbarghy
Scholar Profile: Mehdi Seifbarghy
ORCID Profile: mehdi seifbarghy

Prof. Battaia Olga
Scopus Profile: Battaia Olga
Scholar Profile: Battaia Olga
ORCID Profile: Battaia Olga

Dr. Armand Baboli
Scholar Profile: Armand Baboli
Scopus Profile: Armand Baboli
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Dr. Ellips Masehian
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, USA
Scopus Profile: Ellips Masehian
Scholar Profile: Ellips Masehian
ORCID Profile: Ellips Masehian
Prof. Rassoul Noorossana
Scopus Profile: Rassoul Noorossana
Scholar Profile: Rassoul Noorossana
ORCID Profile: Rassoul Noorossana 
Dr. Mahmood Shafiee
Scopus Profile: Mahmood Shafiee
Scholar Profile: Mahmood Shafiee
ORCID Profile: Mahmood Shafiee

Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Paydar
Scholar Profile: Mohammad Mahdi Paydar
Scopus Profile: Mohammad Mahdi Paydar
ORCID Profile: Mohammad Mahdi Paydar

Prof. Medhat Moussa
Scholar Profile: Medhat Moussa
Scopus Profile: Medhat Moussa
ORCID Profile: Medhat Moussa

Dr. Kamran Paynabar
Scholar Profile: Kamran Paynabar
Scopus Profile: Kamran Paynabar
ORCID Profile: Kamran Paynabar

Prof. Fariborz Jolai
Scholar Profile: Fariborz Jolai
Scopus Profile: Fariborz Jolai
ORCID Profile: Fariborz Jolai

Dr. Chefi Triki
Scholar Profile: Chefi Triki
Scopus Profile: Chefi Triki
ORCID Profile: Chefi Triki

Prof. Ali Siadat
Scholar Profile: Ali Siadat
Scopus Profile: Ali Siadat
ORCID Profile: Ali Siadat

Prof. Iraj Mahdavi
Scholar Profile: Iraj Mahdavi
Scopus Profile: Iraj Mahdavi
ORCID Profile: Iraj Mahdavi

Prof. Maghsud Solimanpur
Scholar Profile:Maghsud Solimanpur
Scopus Profile: Maghsud Solimanpur
ORCID Profile: Maghsud Solimanpur

Dr. Ebrahim Teimoury
Scholar Profile: Ebrahim Teimoury
Scopus Profile: Ebrahim Teimoury
ORCID Profile: Ebrahim Teimoury

Dr. Erfan Babaee Tirkolaee
Scholar Profile:Erfan Babaee Tirkolaee
Scopus Profile:Erfan Babaee Tirkolaee
ORCID Profile: Erfan Babaee Tirkolaee

Dr. Hamed FazlollahTabar
Scholar Profile: Hamed FazlollahTabar
Scopus Profile: Hamed FazlollahTabar
ORCID Profile: Hamed FazlollahTabar

Dr. Amir Hossein Azadnia
Scholar Profile: Amir Hossein Azadnia
Scopus Profile: Amir Hossein Azadnia
ORCID Profile:  Amir Hossein Azadnia


Dr. Navid Sahebjamnia
Scholar Profile:  Navid Sahebjamnia
Scopus Profile:  Navid Sahebjamnia
ORCID Profile:  Navid Sahebjamnia


Dr. Santibañez González, Ernesto Del Rosario
Scholar Profile: Santibañez González, Ernesto Del Rosario
Scopus Profile:  Santibañez González, Ernesto Del Rosario
ORCID Profile:  Santibañez González, Ernesto Del Rosario

Dr. Kannan Govindan
Scholar Profile:  Kannan Govindan
Scopus Profile:  Kannan Govindan
ORCID Profile:  Kannan Govindan

Dr. Mahdi Bashiri
Scholar Profile:  Mahdi Bashiri
Scopus Profile:  Mahdi Bashiri
ORCID Profile:  Mahdi Bashiri

Dr. Seyed Mehdi Hosseini Motlagh
Scholar Profile:  Seyed Mehdi Hosseini Motlagh
Scopus Profile:  Seyed Mehdi Hosseini Motlagh
ORCID Profile:  Seyed Mehdi Hosseini Motlagh

 Senior Editorial Associate and Website Manager: Mrs. Z. Mohammadbeigi

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