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:: دلنوشته استاد ارجمندی
:: جذب امریه در بنیاد ملی نخبگان تهران
:: مقالات چاپ شده در مجلات علمی – پژوهشی ::

1 . تهیه و تعیین ساختار کمپلکس [Cd(Urea)4(NO3)2] مجله سمینار بلور شناسی و کانی شناسی ایران- کشور ایران 1374 .

2. تعیین ساختار مولکولی تری متیل α] ( بنزوئیل متیل) بنزیل [ سیلان – مجله بلور شناسی و کانی شناسی ایران – کشور ایران – 1378 .

3. تهیه و شناسایی ساختار بلورین کمپلکس [Cd(phen)(NO3)2] - مجله بلور شناسی و کانی شناسی ایران-1379 .

4. مقایسه روشهای تولید نانو ذرات نقره - مجله فناوری نانو – 1386.

5. شکافت فوتوکاتالیتیکی آب برای تولید هیدروژن - مجله علمی پزوهشی شیمی کاربردی  - 1392.

  6. The effect of chelating agents on synthesized nano-sized CoAl2O4 by thermal decomposition, International journal of nanomanufacturing, 5(2010)376.

  7. Determination of samarium and fluoride ions in solution samples by a constructed sm3+ PVC-membrane sensor, Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 3(4)(2011)804.

  8. Synthesis, characterization and adsorption capability of CdO microstructure for Congo red from aqueous solution, Journal of Nanostructures, 2(2012)9.

  9. Application of experimental design to optimize the synthesis of CdO cauliflower-like nanostructure using mechanochemical method, Journal of Nanostructures, 2(2012)127.

  10. The removal of 2,4-dichlorophenol under visible light irradiation by silver indium sulfide nanoparticles synthesized by microwave, Current Chemistry Letters, 2(2013) 77.

  11. Synthesis and Charaterization of Magnesium Oxide Mesoporous Microstructures Using Pluronic F127, Journal of Nanostructures, 2(2012)273.

  12. Application of a facile solid-state process to synthesize the CdO spherical nanoparticles, International Nano Letters, 3(2013) 43.

  13. Adsorption kinetics, thermodynamic studies, and high performance of CdO cauliflower-like nanostructure on the removal of Congo red from aqueous solution, Journal of Nanostructure in Chemistry, 3(2013)51.

  14. Synthesis and characterization of hydrophobic silica aerogel by two step (acid-base) sol-gel process, Journal of Nanostructures, 2(2013)181.

  15. Synthesis and Characterization of Functionalized SBA-15 Mesoporous Silica by N, N´-Bis(salicylidene) ethylenediamine Schiff-Base, Journal of Nanostructures, 3(2013)477.

  16. A facile and green synthesis of CuO nanowires by mechanochemical method, ChemXpress, 6(2014)25.

  17. A green synthesis of copper oxide nanoparticles by mechanochemical method, Current Chemistry Letters, 2(2014)215.

  18. Synthesis and crystal structure of a new thiosemi-carbzone, acenaphthenequinone thiosemicarbazone mono methanol, Iranian Journal of Crystallography and Mineralogy4(2015)109.

  19. Nanosheets of BiOCl Incorporated in Microflowers: Microwave Assisted Synthesis and Dye-Photosensitized Removal of Pollutants, Journal of Nanostructures, 5(2015)1.

  20. Sulfated Titania Nanoparticles: an Efficient Catalyst for the Synthesis of Polyhydroquinoline Derivatives through Hantzsch Multicomponent Reaction, Journal of Nanostructures, 5(4)(2015)327.

  21. Synthesis of porous CdO sheet-like nanostructure based on soft template model and its application in dye pollutants adsorption, International Journal of Nano Dimension, 7 (2)(2016)150.

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