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Dr. Masoud Masih-Tehrani

Assistant Professor

Department: Department of Vehicle Dynamical Systems Design, School of Automotive Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology


Citation Indices from GS

All Since 2013
Citations 164 159
h-index 6 6
i10-index 2 2

Scopus Link:

Persian page:




Vehicle Dynamical System research Lab:  

Tel: +98 21 7322 3971 (Int. 3971)



Education and qualifications

•  Ph.D.School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran, 2013.

•  M.Sc.Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering, Yazd University, 2006.

B.Sc.: School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran, 2004. 


Vehicle Dynamical Systems Simulation, Optimal Design, and Control

Vehicle Suspension System

Hybrid Energy Storage Systems (HESS)

Electric Vehicle Battery Design and Management

Hybrid Vehicles; Electrical and Mechanical Types

Engine Management System (EMS)

Heavy Vehicle Dynamical Systems

Off-Road Vehicles

Bicycles and Three Wheelers

Journal Papers (ISI)

  • Masoud Masih-Tehrani, Masoud Dahmardeh; "A Novel Power Distribution System Using State of Available Power Estimation for a Hybrid Energy Storage System," IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 65 (8), pp. 6676-6685, 2018.
  • "Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Linear Programming for Bulldozer Emissions and Fuel-Consumption Management Using Continuously Variable Transmission," Journal of Construction Engineering and Management 144 (7), pp. 04018053, 2018.
  • Masoud Masih-Tehrani, Rambod Yahyaei; "Study of Lithium Battery Thermal Effect on Battery and Hybrid Battery/Ultra-Capacitor Sizing for an Electric Vehicle," Journal of Engineering Technology 6 (Special Issue on Technology Innovations), PP 85-99, 2017.
  • Masoud Masih-Tehrani, Mohammad-Reza Hairi-Yazdi, Vahid Esfahanian, Ali Safaei; “Optimum sizing and optimum energy management of a hybrid energy storage system for Lithium battery life improvement,” J. of Power Sources, ۲۴۴(۲۰۱۳), ۲-۱۰, ۲۰۱۳.
  • Masoud Masih-Tehrani, Mohammad-Reza Hairi-Yazdi, Vahid Esfahanian, Hossein Sagha, “Developing a Hybrid Energy Storage Sizing Algorithm Associated with Evaluating the Power Management in Different Driving Cycles,” Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, ۲۶(۱۲), PP ۴۱۴۹-۴۱۵۹ , ۲۰۱۲.
  • Mohsen Esfahanian, Hassan Nehzati, Masoud Masih-Tehrani, Vahid Esfahanian, Ali Safaei; “Matlab-based Modeling, Simulation and Design Package for Eletric, Hydraulic and Flywheel Hybrid Powertrains of a City Bus,” International Journal of Automotive Technology, ۱۵(۶), PP ۱۰۰۱-۱۰۱۳, ۲۰۱۴.
  • Ali Safaei, Mohammad Reza Ha’iri-Yazdi, Vahid Esfahanian, Mohsen Esfahanian, Masoud Masih-Tehrani, Hassan Nehzati, “Designing an intelligent control strategy for hybrid powertrains utilizing a fuzzy driving cycle identification agent,” Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering, ۲۰۱۴.
  • Salavati-Zadeh, A., Javaheri, A., Ghavami, S. V., Esfahanian, V., Masih Tehrani, M., Akbari, H.; "A Detailed Kinetic Investigation on the Effects of Hydrogen Enrichment on the Performance of Gas-Fueled SI Engine," International Journal of Green Energy 13 (10), 1042-1049, 2016.

Journal Papers (ISC)
  • Masoud Masih-Tehrani, V Esfahanian, M Esfahanian, H Nehzati, MJ Esfandiary, "Hybrid energy storage optimal sizing for an e-bike," International Journal of Automotive Engineering, 5 (2), 1016-1025, 2015 (ISC)
  • Masoud Masih-Tehrani, M.R. Hairi-Yazdi, V. Esfahanian; “Power Distribution Development and Optimization of Hybrid Energy Storage System,” International Journal of Automotive Engineering, ۴(۲), PP ۶۷۵-۶۸۴ , ۲۰۱۴ (ISC).
  • Masoud Masih-Tehrani, Mohammad-Reza Hairi-Yazdi, Babak Haghpanah-Jahromi, Vahid Esfahanian, Meisam Amiri, and Ali-Reza Jafari; “Design of an Anti-Lock Regenerative Braking System for a Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle,” International Journal of Automotive Engineering, ۱(۲), PP ۷۶-۸۹, ۲۰۱۱ (ISC).

  • Mohsen Esfahanian, Ali Mahmoodian, Meisam Amiri, Masoud Masih-Tehrani, Hassan Nehzati, Marzie Hejabi , Ali Manteghi; “Large Lithium Polymer Battery Modeling for the Simulation of Hybrid Electric Vehicles Using the Equivalent Circuit Method” International Journal of Automotive Engineering, ۳(۴), PP ۵۶۴-۵۷۶, ۲۰۱۳ (ISC).

  • صفائی، علی؛ حائری یزدی، محمدرضا؛ اصفهانیان، وحید؛ مسیح تهرانی، مسعود؛ «طراحی واحد شناسایی سیکل رانندگی فازی جهت استفاده در استراتژی کنترل هوشمند خودروهای هیبرید،» مجله مهندسی مکانیک مدرس، دوره ۱۳، شماره ۱۲، ص‌ ۱۳۴-۱۴۳، اسفند ۱۳۹۲ (ISC paper)

  • حائری یزدی، محمدرضا؛ صفائی، علی؛ اصفهانیان، وحید؛ مسیح طهرانی، مسعود؛ «طراحی استراتژی کنترل بهینه آنلاین برای اتوبوس هیبرید هیدرولیک،» مجله کنترل، دوره ۸ شماره ۱، صص ۱-۱۰، ۱۳۹۳ (ISC paper).

Conference Papers


  • Masoud Masih-Tehrani, Vahid Esfahanian, Mohammad-Reza Hairi-Yazdi; “Energy Storage Hybridization for Lithium Battery Lifetime Improvement,” ۱۶th International Meeting on Lithium Batteries (IMLB۲۰۱۲), ۱۷-۲۲ June ۲۰۱۲, ICC Jeju, Korea (Presented in English language).
  • Masoud Masih-Tehrani , Mohammad-Reza Hairi-Yazdi , Damoon Bazargan, Mohsen Esfahanian ; “Performance Analysis of Hybrid Energy Storage in Different Driving Cycles,” ۲nd Power Electronics, Drive Systems and Technologies Conference (PEDSTC), Tehran, Iran, February ۱۶-۱۷, ۲۰۱۱ (Presented in English language).
  • Masoud Masih-Tehrani, Mohammad-Reza Hairi-Yazdi , Vahid Esfahanian; “Hybrid Energy Storage System Application for an Anti-Lock Regenerative Braking System,” European Electric Vehicle Congress (EEVC), Brussels, Belgium, October ۲۶-۲۸, ۲۰۱۱.
  • Masoud Masih-Tehrani, Mohsen Esfahanian, Hassan Nehzati, Vahid Esfahanian, Seyedhossein Jamali; “Design and Simulation of a Hybrid Flywheel Bus,” International Conference on Applications and Design in Mechanical Engineering (ICADME ۲۰۱۲), ۲۷ - ۲۸ February ۲۰۱۲, Bayview Beach Resort, Penang, Malaysia.
  • Vahid Esfahanian, Hassan Nehzati, Masoud Masih-Tehrani, and Ali Safaei; “Design and Modelling of the Conventional and Three Hybrid Powertrains for a City Bus,” The international Conference on Powertrain Modelling and Control (PMC ۲۰۱۲), West Yorkshire, UK, ۴-۶ September ۲۰۱۲.
  • Vahid Esfahanian, Ali Safaie, Hassan Nehzati, Mohsen Esfahanian, Masoud Masih-Tehrani; “Design and Modeling of a Parallel Hydraulic Hybrid Bus,” International Conference on Applications and Design in Mechanical Engineering (ICADME ۲۰۱۲), ۲۷ - ۲۸ February ۲۰۱۲, Bayview Beach Resort, Penang, Malaysia.
  • Ali Safaie, Vahid Esfahanian, Mohammad Reza Ha’iri-Yazdi, Mohsen Esfahanian, Masoud Masih Tehrani, Hassan Nehzati; “Optimized Control Strategy Based on the Driving Cycle Type for a Hydraulic Hybrid Bus,” Proceedings of the ASME ۲۰۱۲ ۱۱thBiennial Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis (ESDA۲۰۱۲), July ۲-۴, ۲۰۱۲, Nantes, France.


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