Dr Farnoosh



Surname :farnoosh Name : rahman Date of birth: 23/3/1960

Present Position : Professor Department : Mathematics

Ph.D. , Applied Mathematics,  uk Tel : +98-21- 73225427

Website : http://webpages.iust.ac.ir/rfarnoosh/ E-mail : rfarnoosh AT iust.ac.ir

Education and Qualifications
Teaching Experiences
Research Interests

Journl Papers
Conference papers

Research Projects
Books written (in Persian

Education and Qualifications

Applied Mathematics,  uk


Associate Professor

Teaching Experiences

Calculus 1, 2 (for B.Sc., Eng., BE Students, Physics)
Differential Equation (for B.Sc., BE. Eng.)
Computational Mathematics (for BE students)
Numerical Analysis 1 and 2(for B.Sc. students)
Engineering Mathematics
Advanced Engineering Mathematics
Advanced Numerical Analysis
Numerical Linear Algebra
Numerical Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE)
Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations (PDE)
Approximation Theory
Variational Calculus

Research Interests

Applied mathematics and computational sciences
Numerical solution of ODE
Numerical solution of PDE
Numerical solution of IE
Splines approximation
Numerical linear algebra
Finite elements Methods

Research Projects

● Sinc- Galerkin method for solution of boundary value problems 2011

● Solving linear and nonlinear advection dispersion equation in groundwater contaminant 2010

● Obstacle boundary value problems 2009

● Splines and boundary value problems 2008

● Numerical solution of linear integral equations based on Sinc function 2007
● Study on mathematical modeling of Plate detections and their computer algorithm 2003

● Applications of Spline to numerical solution of singular boundary value problems 2002.

● Variable mesh method for solution of singular two point boundary value problems 2004.

● Applications of Splines in interpolation.

Books written (in Persian)

Computational Mathematics , Published by The Institute of Recent Information and Technology Amirkabir University of Tafresh Iran , (2004).

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