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Addresses: School of Mechanical Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology, Narmak, Tehran, Iran

Zip Code: 16846-13114

Mail Box: 16765-163

Tel : +98(21) 77491228-29

Fax : +98(21) 77240488

Email: meresearch@iust.ac.ir

:: Mohammadi, Bijan ::

Full Name: Dr. Mohammadi, Bijan

 Position: Associate Professor

 Phone: 98-21-77240540-50 Ex:8967

 Phone: 98-21-77240208

 Fax: 98-21-77240488

 Email: Bijan_Mohammadi  iust.ac.ir

 Webpages: http://webpages.iust.ac.ir/Bijan_Mohammadi



 Address: Iran University of Science & Tech., Tehran, IRAN


   University Degrees                            

  Fields of interest

  •   Local Continuum Damage Mechanics
  •   Non-local Continuum Damage Mechanics
  •   Damage Analysis in Laminated Composites
  •   Computational Fracture Mechanics
  •   Aerospace Structural Design
  •   Aerospace Structural Instability
  •   Aerospace Structural Analysis

  Students group


  Software Development 

       1-  FLAi : Fatigue Life Assessment software for estimation of fatigue life of metallic structures

       2- PALS : Professional Aircraft Loading software for estimation of critical loadings of transport

                     aircrafts under several flight conditions.

       3- Comp-Heat : One-dimensional thermal analysis in composite laminates

                              under several boundary condition (convection, conduction and radiation)

       4- NACA Inlet Design 5- Engine – VPCS propeller coupling performance

  Journal Papers

  1. B. Mohammadi, B Fazlali, Off-axis fatigue behaviour of unidirectional laminates based on a microscale fatigue damage model under different stress ratios,  Int. Journal of Fatigue, 106, 11-23, 2018.
  2. D Rahmatabadi, R Hashemi, B Mohammadi, T Shojaee, Experimental evaluation of the plane stress fracture toughness for ultra-fine grained aluminum specimens prepared by accumulative roll bonding process,  Materials Science and Engineering: A 708, 301-310, 2017.
  3. H Pakdel, B Mohammadi, Experimental observation and energy based analytical investigation of matrix cracking distribution pattern in angle-ply laminates, Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics, In Press.  2017.
  4. B. Mohammadi, M Abbaszadeh, A Keshmiri, Variational approach development in analysis of matrix cracking and induced delamination of cross-ply composite laminates subjected to in-plane shear loading, Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures, 1-19, In Press, 2017.
  5. B. Mohammadi, B Fazlali, D Salimi-Majd, Development of a continuum damage model for fatigue life prediction of laminated composites, Composites Part A,  93, 163-176, 2017.
  6. A Farrokhabadi, B. Mohammadi, H Hosseini-Toudeshky, A generalized plane-strain crack density-based model for evaluating the finite fracture toughness of composite laminates,  Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures 24 (2), 131-141, 2017.
  7. B. Mohammadi, M. Rohanifar, D Salimi-Majd, A Farrokhabadi, Micromechanical prediction of damage due to transverse ply cracking under fatigue loading in composite laminates,  Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites,   2017.
  8. H Darban, B. Mohammadi, F Djavanroodi, Effect of equal channel angular pressing on fracture toughness of Al-7075, Engineering Failure Analysis 65, 1-10, 2016.
  9. M Nikbakht, HH Toudeshky, B. Mohammadi, Experimental validation of an empirical nonlinear shear failure model for laminated composite materials, J. of Composite Materials, In Press, 2016.
  10. S GHIASVAND, B. MOHAMMADI, Mixed mode fatigue crack growth analysis of cracked aluminium panel repaired with composite patches using extended finite element method,  JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF COMPOSITES (JSTC) 3 (4), 321-332, 2017.
  11. B MOHAMMADI, S. Kamkar, A FARROKHABADI, Matrix cracking and induced delamination in symmetrically laminated composites subjected to static loading by using multi scale damage mechanics, JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF COMPOSITES (JSTC) 4 (1), 9-24, 2017.
  12. B. Mohammadi, M Helmi, MD SALIMI, Failure Prediction of Multidirectional Composite Laminates under Fatigue Loading using an Energy Based Damage Model,  AEROSPACE MECHANICS JOURNAL 13 (147), 95-108, 2017.
  13. M Jamali, T Shojaee, B Mohammadi, Uniaxial buckling analysis comparison of nanoplate and nanocomposite plate with central square cut out using domain decomposition method,  Journal of Applied and Computational Mechanics 2 (4), 230-242, 2016.
  14. M Jamali, T Shojaee, R Kolahchi, B. Mohammadi, Buckling analysis of nanocomposite cut out plate using domain decomposition method and orthogonal polynomials,  Steel & Composite Structures, An International Journal 22 (3), 691-712, 2016.
  15. M Nikbakht, H Hosseini Toudeshky, B. Mohammadi, Experimental study on the effect of interface fiber orientation and utilized delamination initiation techniques on fracture toughness of glass/epoxy composite laminates, , J. of Reinforced Plastics and Composites 35 (23), 1722-1733, 2016.
  16. D. Salimi-Majd, F. Shahabi, B. Mohammadi: Effective local stress intensity factor criterion for prediction of crack growth trajectory under mixed mode fracture conditions. Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics 01/2016; DOI:10.1016/j.tafmec.2016.01.009
  17. A. Farrokhabadi, B. Mohammadi, H. Hosseini-Toudeshky: A generalized plane-strain crack density based model for evaluating the finite fracture toughness of composite laminates. Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures 11/2015; DOI:10.1080/15376494.2015.1120906

  18. D. Salimi-Majd, V. Azimzadeh, B. Mohammadi: Loading Analysis of Composite Wind Turbine Blade for Fatigue Life Prediction of Adhesively Bonded Root Joint. Applied Composite Materials 06/2015; 22:269–287. DOI:10.1007/s10443-014-9405-4

  19. A. Farrokhabadi, B. Mohammadi, H. Hosseini-Toudeshky: A simplified micromechanics model for predicting the stiffness degradation in symmetric composite laminates. Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures 05/2015; 38(11). DOI:10.1111/ffe.12306

  20. B. Mohammadi, F. Shahabi: On computational modeling of postbuckling behavior of composite laminates containing single and multiple through-the-width delaminations using interface elements with cohesive law. Engineering Fracture Mechanics 04/2015;  DOI:10.1016/j.engfracmech.2015.04.005

  21. M. Haghbeigi, E. Badrikouhi, B. Mohammadi: Dynamic Analysis and Simulation of an Aircraft Landing Gear System.

  22. B. Mohammadi, M. Tavoli, F. Djavanroodi: Effects of Constrained Groove Pressing (CGP) on the plane stress fracture toughness of pure copper. Structural Engineering & Mechanics 12/2014; 52(5):957-969. DOI:10.12989/sem.2014.52.5.957

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  Teaching Experiences

Final Project of "Damage in Composite Materials-96-97"

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