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:: Dr.Mohammad Shahrtash ::




  1- Faculty profile

  2- Higher Education

  3- Research interests

  4- Theses Supervised

  5- Industrial Research Contracts

  6- Inventions and Knowhows

  7- Conference papers

  8- Publications (Recent ISI papers)

  9- Teaching

  10- Administrative experience

  11- Work experience

  12- Professional membership

  13- Prizes and Awards



  1- Faculty profile

  Family Name:           Sharhrtash

  First Name:             Seyed Mohammad

  • Title:                   Assistant Prof.

  • Contact information:

  Tel:  +98-21-73225613

  Fax:  +98-21-73227613,  +98-21-77240494

  Email : shahrtash AT iust.ac.ir

  2- Higher Education :


PhD:                                              Sharif Technical University, Iran


MSc:                                              UMIST,  UK


BSc:                                              Abadan Institute of Technology,  Iran

  3- Research interests :

                   • Power System Studies
                   • Power System Transients
                   • Power System Protection

  4- Theses Supervised :

                   • MSc:   60

                   • PhD:     3

  5- Industrial Research Contracts :

                   • Accomplished:    23

  6- Inventions and Knowhows :

                • On-line Partial Discharge Measuring Device with Inductive Sensor,

                 (patented in Tehran) 2007.

                • Software Package for Grounding Grid Designing in High Voltage Substations,

                 (delivered to 9 Consulting Company and Regional Electricity Corporations), Third Version, 2002.

  7- Conference papers :

           • 180 papers in international and national conferences and journals.

  8- Recent ISI papers :

28. A Non-communication Adaptive Single Pole Auto-reclosure Scheme Based on ACUSUM Algorithm,

IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery,  2013.

27. On-Line Decision Tree-Based Insulation Assessment Employing Mathematical Morphology Filters for HV Cables,

IEEE Trans. on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation,  2013.

26. Combined Fault Detector and Faulted Phase Selector for Transmission Lines Based on Adaptive Cumulative Sum Method,

IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery,  2013.

25. Transient Based Fault Location Method for Multi-Terminal Lines Employing S-Transform,

IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery,  2013.

24. Investigation on Rogowski Coil Performance for Structuring its Design Methodology,

IET Science, Measurement & Technology , Accepted to be published, 2013 .

23. Time-Time-Transform-Based Fault Location Algorithm for Three-Terminal Transmission Lines,

IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, 2013 .  

22. Comparing the Trustworthiness of SNR and PSNR in Processing Noisy PD Signals,

IET Science, Measurement & Technology , 2013 .  

21. A Comprehensive Circuit Model for Partial Discharge Activities in Cable Insulation due to Electrical Treeing,

International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems, Elsevier, 2013.  

20. A New Non-communication Based Protection Scheme for Three-terminal Transmission Lines Employing Mathematical Morphology-Based Filters,

IEEE Trans. On Power Delivery, 2013.  

19. High Impedance Faulted Branch Identification Using Magnetic Field Signature Analysis,

IEEE Trans. On Power Delivery, 2013.  

18. Digital Compensation of Rogowski Coil's Output Voltage,

IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation & Measurement, 2013.

17. Feature-Oriented De-noising of Partial Discharge Signals Employing Mathematical Morphology Filters,

IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 2012.   

16. Compensation of the Effects of Electrical Sensors in Measuring Partial Discharge Signals,

IET Science, Measurement & Technology, 2012 .  

15. On-line Dynamic Voltage Instability Prediction Based on Decision Tree Supported by Wide Area Measurement System,

IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, 2012 .  

14. Comprehensive 3-Capacitors Model for Partial Discharge in Power Cables,

COMPEL, 2012.  

13. HIF Detection Using Combination of MLPNNs Based on Multi-resolution Morphological Gradient Features of Current Waveform,

IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, 2011.  

12. SVM-Based Method for High Impedance Faults Detection in Distribution Networks,

COMPEL, 2011.  

11. Calculating Transient Behavior of Grounding Systems Using Inverse Laplace Transform,

Journal of Zhejiang University-Science A, 2011.  

10. A Decision Tree Based Method for Fault Classification in Single-Circuit Transmission Lines,

IEEE Trans. On Power Delivery, 2010.  

9. A Decision Tree Based Method for Fault Classification in Double-Circuit Transmission Lines,

IEEE Trans. On Power Delivery, 2010.  

8. Computation of the Split Factor of Earth Fault Currents with Considering the Proximity Effects,

Iranian Journal of Science Technology, Trans. B, 2010.  

7. Design and Implementation of a Systematically Tunable High Impedance Fault Relay,

ISA Trans., Elsevier, 2010.  

6. Instantaneous Wavelet Transform Decomposition Filter for On-Line Applications,

Iranian Journal of Science Technology, Trans. B, 2009.  

5. Wavelet Transform Based Decomposition and Reconstruction for On-Line PD Detection and Measurement Part I- Narrow Band Components Decomposition,

European Trans. On Electrical Power , 2009. 

4. Passivity Enforcement Using an Infeasible-Interior –Point Primal-Dual Method,

IEEE Trans. On Power Systems, 2008.  

3. Global Passivity Enforcement via Convex Optimization,

Iranian Journal of Science Technology, Trans. B, 2008.  

2. A Complete Procedure to Determine Earth Fault Current Distribution and Split Factor for Grounding Grid design of HV Substation,

Iranian Journal of Science Technology, Trans. B, 2008.  

1. Passivity Enforcement via Residues Perturbation for Admittance Representation of Power System Components,

Iranian Journal of Science Technology, Trans. B, 2007. 



  9- Teaching :

                 Graduate Program:
                              Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control
                              Advanced Protection Systems
                              Power System Transients
                 Undergraduate Program:
                              Power System Analysis
                              Relay & Protection
                              Circuit Theory

  10- Administrative experience : 
              Protection Group Director:                           2008-2010
              University President:                                    2001 - 2004
              University Research Vice President:              1997 - 2000
              Power Group Director:                                 1995-1997
              Relay & Protection Laboratory Director:       1990 -

  11- Work experience :

             Research Office General Director,

             Management and Planning Organization:       2000-2001

  12- Professional membership :

             Training & Research Committee, Smart Grid Scientific Society:           2013 -

             Board of IAEEE, Tehran Branch:                                                         2012 -

             Reliability Council, Power Ministry:                                                    2008 - 2012
             Operation Committee, Reliability Council, Power Ministry:                 2008 - 2012
             Scientific Committee, International Power System Conference:         2004 –
             Standing Committee, PSPC Conference:                                            2007 –

  13- Prizes and Awards :

            Best General Director in Management and Planning Organization:      2001.
            Best Vice President in Iran University of Science & Technology:          2000.
            Youngest University Entrée:                                                               1975.

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