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Address: Iran University of Science and Technology

,Narmak,Tehran 16846_13114,Iran

Tel: +98(21) 77240516-7

Fax: +98(21) 77491204

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chemistry AT iust.ac.ir

:: Papers ::

1- Sesquiterpene Lactones from Achillia Micrantha , A.Rustaiyan, Z.Sharif,A.Tajarodi and A. S.Sadjadi, Phytochemistry,Vol.26,No.10, pp2856-2857,1987

2- Further Sesquiterpene Lactones from the Genus Dittrichia, .A.Rustaiyan, J.Jakupovic, T.V.Chau-Thi,F.Bohlmann and A.Sadjadi, Phytochemistry,Vol.26,No.9,pp2603-2607,1987

3-Salvisyriacolide,A Sesterterpene from Salvia Syriaca, A.Rustaiyan , A.Sasjadi, Phytochemistry,Vol.26,No. 11,pp3078-3079,1987

4- Two Farnesol Derivatives from Cousinia Adenostica.A.Rustaiyan, Z.Sharif And Abulfazl S.Sadjadi, Phytochemistry,Vol.26,No.9,Pp2635-2636,1987

5-Kaurene Derivatives from Alepidea Amatynsia,a.Rustaiyan and Abulfazl Sadjadi, Phyto Chemistry,Vol.26,No7,Pp2106-2107,1987

6- Effect of Acid on Line Widths in the Proton NMR Spectra of Porphyrins Not Substituted at the meso-Positions, Seyed Abulfazl Seyed Sadjadi,Robert I.Walter and John S.Harwood,J.Phsy.Chem A 101,. 9948-9953,1997

7- Solvent Extraction /AAS Determination of Mn(II) and Co(II) Using the Ternary Mixed Solvent, Abulfazl Seyed Sadjadi and Mohamad T. Kossarneshan,International Jour.Chem.Vol.6,No.4,123-27,1995

8-Composition and Density of Saturated Solutions of Copper Sulfate + Water + Ethanol,.Mohammad T. Kossarneshan and Abulfazl S.Sadjadi, International Jour.Chem.Vol.6,No.3,67-72,1995.

9-Composition and Density of Saturated Solutions of Trisodium Phosphate+Water+Ethanol, Mohammad T..Kossarneshan and S.A.SeyedSadjadi, Internationl Jour.Chem.Vol.13,No.2,93-98,2003

10-Thermodynamic Study of Some Pyridinium Ion Derivatives with 18-Crown-6, Aza-18-crown-6 and1,10-Diaza-18-crown-6 in Acetonitrile, M.R.Ganjali,N.Khoshdan,O.R.Hashemi and S.A.Seyed Sadjadi, Polish J.Chem.74,1389-1398,2000.

11-Interaction of Tl+ With Mononucleotides:Metal Ion Binding and Sugar Conformation, S.Nafisi,H.Aghbozorgh and S.A.Seyed Sadjadi, Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry,66(4),pp253-258,1997.

12-Complexation of Aspargine by Dioxovanadium(V).Farokh.Gharib,Abolfazl Seyed Sadjadi and Fariborz Zourofi,Reviews in Inorganic Chemistry,Vol.20,No.3,2000.

13-Study Of Dependance Of The Volumetric Properties Of Binary Mixtures Containing N-Octane + Alcohols(2-Propanol,Isobutanol, Cyclohexananol) with Temperature, Abulfazl Seyed Sadjadi And Mohammad T.Kossarneshan,International Jour.Chem.Vol.14,No. 2,99-104 , 2004.

14-The Crystal and Molecular Structure of Bis (Tetramethylammonium Pentachorooxomolybdate(v)-Acetonitrile(1:1),S.A.Seyed Sadjadi,S.Ghammamy and G.rezaei Behbahani , Cryst.Res.Technol.40, No.,.7,727-730,2005

15-Interaction of Metal Ions With Caffeine and Theophylline:Stability and Structural Features, S.Nafisi, S.A.Seyed Sadjadi,S.Shokrollah Zade and M.Damerchelli, Journal of Biomolecular Structure Daynamics, Vol.21,No .2,2003

16-Simultaneous Determination Of Trace Amounts of Sulfite and Thiosulfate in Petroleum and its Distillates by Extraction and Differential puls Polarography.,H.Sid Kalal, M.Ghadiri,A.A.Miran Beigi and S.A.Seyed Sadjadi,Analytica Chimica Acta503,133-139,2004

17-Tetrabutylammonium Fluorochromate(VI)(TBAFC):A Mild and Efficient Reagent for Oxidation of Organic Substrates, S.Ghammami and S.A.Seyed Sadjadi,J.Ser.Chem.Soc, 70(11),1243-1248,2005

18-Trimethyammonium Fluorochoromate(TriMAFC):A Convenient New and Mild Reagent for Oxidation of Organic Substrates,S.A.Seyed Sadjadi and S.Ghammami,Indian Journal of Chemistry,Vol.45B,pp.564-567,2006 Chemistry,Vol.45B,pp.564-567,2006.

19-X-ray Structural Analysis of Tetramethyammonium Fluoro -chromate(VI):A Link Between Reactivity and the Extent of Symmetry, S.Ghammami and S.A.Seyed Sadjadi,Transition Metal Chemistry,31, pp.482-486,2006

20- Electrodeposition of platinium metal on Titanium and anodized Titanium from P salt: Application to electro-oxation of glycerol,M.G.Hoseeini,S.A.S.sadjadi and Momeni,Surface Engineering,sur40.3d,2007

21- Electrodepositin of Ni-W-B nanocomposite from tartrate electrolye as alternative to chromium plating,M.G.Hoseeini,S.A.Seyed Sadjadi, M.Raghibi Boroujeni,M.R.Arshadi and H.Khoshvaght,Surface Engineering, Sur231.3d,2008

22- Synthesis and Characterization of Two New Fluoroplumbate(II) Complexes: Tetrabutylammonium Flourodihaloplumbate, (But) 4N [PbX2F](X=c1,I), Zahra Javanshir, Kheyrollah Mehrani, Shahriare Ghammamy,lotf Ali Saghatfroush, Seyd Abolfazl Seyed Sadjadi and Ali Hassani Joshaghani,Bull.Korean Chem.Soc. , Vol.29, No.8, 2008

23-Electrodeposition and Mechanical Properties of Ni-W-B Composites from Tartrate Bath , M.G.Hosseini,M.Abdolmaleki and S.A.Seyed Sadjadi ,Protection of Metals and Physical Chemistry of Surface,2009, Vol.45,No.6,pp757-762

24-Synthesis and Characterization of 2-{[(6-{[(2-Hydroxyphenyl)-methylidene]amino}-2-pyridyl)imino]methyl}phenol and Its Zn(II) Complex ,Fahmideh Shabani,Khayroallah Mehrani,Shahriar Ghammamy,Mohammad R.Rezakhani,Seyed Abolfazl Seyed Sadjadi,Rahmattollah Rahimi,Sina Asili and Alireza Hematimoghadam,Asian Journal of Chemistry ,Vol.21,No.8,2009,6587-6589

25-Kinetics and Mechanisms of Toluene Oxidation by Tetramethyl- ammonium Fluorochromate (VI) [TMAFC],Seyed Abolfazl Seyed Sadjadi , Shahriare Ghammamy ,Omid Noori,Zohre Kabalaeyvali and Razieh Shakeri, International Journal of Pure & Applied Chemistery 5(4),2010, pp.325-328

26-Synthesis and electrochemistry of cadmium complexes with OC(NH2)2 ,OS(CH3)2 and C6H5NH2 ligands in irreversible system ,Haghighi,L.Z.; Sadjadi , S.A.; Milani, S.M. and Tadjarodi,A. ,Journal of New Materials for Electrochemical Systems ,Vol.12,Issue4,2009,pp.223-231

27- Degradation kinetics of electon beam irradiated poly ( propylene – co - ethylene ) heterophasic copolymer , Mojtaba Koosha ; Nastaran Ebrahimi ; Yousef Jahani and Seyed Abolfazl Seyed Sadjadi ,Radiation physic and chemistry 80 (2011) 810- 816

28 – Synthesis , Characterization of some Mannich Base New 1,3,4-oxadiazole -2- thione Derivatives ,Seyed Iraj Sadraei ; Seyed Abolfazl Seyed Sadjadi ; Shahriar Ghammamy , Masoumeh Alem ;Zahra Shokri and Hajar Sahebalzamani , heteroletters.org,vol.2 : (1), 2012 , 27-30

29 – Validation of improved simple method for prediction of activation energy of the thermal decomposition of energetic compounds , mohammad Hossein Keshavarz ; Narges Zohari and Seyed Abolfazl Seyed Sadjadi , J Therm Anal Calorim , vol. 111,Nr. 3

30 – The Advantages and Shortcomings of Using Nano – sized Energetic Materials , Narges Zohari ; Mohammad Hossein Keshavarz and Seyed Abolfazl Seyed Sadjadi , Central European Journal of Energetic Materials ,2013, 10(1),135 – 147

31 – A Novel method for risk assessment of electrostatic sensivity of nitroaromatics through their activation energies of thermal decomposition , Narges Zohari ; Mohammad Hossein Keshavarz and Seyed Abolfazl Seyed Sadjadi ,Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry ,vol.113, Nr.2 , 2013

32 – Relationship between electric spark sensivity and activation energy of the thermal decomposition of Nitramines for safety measures in industrial processes , Mohammad Hossein Keshavarz ; Narges Zohari and Seyed Abolfazl Seyed Sadjadi , Journal of Loss Preventation in the processes industries , vol.26 , Nr.6 , 2013

33 – A Link between impact sensivity of energetic compounds and their activitation energies of thermal decomposition , Narges Zohari ; Mohammad Hossein Keshavarz and Seyed Abolfazl Seyed Sadjadi , Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry , vol. 115 , Nr.2, 2014

34 – Synthesis , Structural Characterisation Thermal Behavior and Anticancer Properties of a Bis [3-Nitro Benzylidine Amino-5-Methyl -2 , 4-Dihydro-3h-1,2,4-Triazole-3-Thione]Uranyl(vi) Nitrate [UO2(Nbamdt)2]2+, Seyed Abolfazl Seyed Sadjadi ;Shahriar Ghammamy ;Farzane Shomoosi and Amir Lashgari , World Journal of Chemistry 9 (1) ,2014

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