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The CCFA7 Proceeding
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The Conference Organizing Committee Wishes to Thank All The Plenary Talk Given Speakers, Keynote Speakers, Invited Speakers and Online Speakers as Well as The Offline Presenting People for Their Warm Collaboration in Creating Successful CCFA7. We Expect to Meet Everyone Again in 2022 for CCFA8.

Selected Online Presentaion: A-10-1690-1, -2
Selected Offline Presentaion: A-10-1646-1

Offline Presentation files
Click on the name of paper to download the presentation 
A-10-1623-1 Free Vibrations of Combined Conical-Cylindrical Laminated Composite Shells Using High-Order Shear Deformation Theory
A-10-1623-2 Fabrication, testing and analysis of composite lattice panel under three-point bending load
A-10-1623-3 Numerical and experimental analysis of impact and damage on composite sandwich panels with grid stiffened core
A-10-1627-1 Fouling mechanism of PVC/Al2O3 nanocomposite membrane in the filtration of humic acid with and without PAC coagulant
A-10-1627-2 Effect of coagulation treatment on the antifouling properties of PVC/Al2O3 nanocomposite membrane for water treatment
A-10-1646-1 Three-dimensional Green’s functions for functionally graded anisotropic bi-materials
A-10-1717-2 Effect of Chemical Structure of Epoxy Resin on Mechanical Properties of Cured Resin and its Composite
A-10-1579-19 An experimental study on the self-temperature rise phenomenon in polymeric laminated composites under fatigue loading
A-10-1640-1 Evaluation of The Effect of Polypropylene Synthetic Fiber on Thickness  Design of Cement Concrete Composite Runway Considering Effective Flexural Strength and 3D Finite Element Analysis
A-10-1636-2 Determination of a β- blocker by a simple modified electrochemical sensor
A-10-1642-1 Retrofit Wall Insulation: Investigating the role of water-repellent Rockwool in improving the energy performance of Veneer brick walls
A-10-1643-1 Development of a Finite Element Model to Study the Impact Behavior of Nano-Reinforced Sandwich Structures
A-10-1644-1 Mechanical Properties of PP/PE/Clay Nanocomposites
A-10-1645-1 Green synthesis and characterization Fe-Ni bimetallic nanocomposite using natural plant
A-10-1645-2 Ultrasonic assisted fabrication and characterization of CuO/ Fe2O3 bio-nanocomposite using Quinoa plant
A-10-1628-1 Laboratory Investigation of the Effect of Fatigue on Self-healing Capability with the Use of Powdered Activated Carbon in Short and Long-term Aging
A-10-1646-2 Fracture Mode of Opening for Annular Crack  in Anisotropic Composites
A-10-1650-1 Fabrication and Effective Factors Investigation in Nano Porous Alumina (AAO) template Synthesis
A-10-1656-1 Mixed-mode I/II fracture criterion for crack growth behavior of orthotropic materials
A-10-1659-1 A novel synthesis of magnetic anatase TiO2 loaded by graphene quantum dots with improved the application in methylene blue degradation
A-10-1660-2 Parallel separation and quantification of acidic and basic dye specimens via a dual gel electro-membrane extraction from real environmental samples
A-10-1639-1 Synthesis and Properties Comparing of the TiO2 doped with CNT and Ag nanoparticles
A-10-1661-1 Weld Nugget Zone Nanocomposite Formation of Al 7075-T6/Al2O3 over Friction Stir Spot Welding Process and its Influence on Fatigue Response
A-10-1662-1 Analytical, Numerical, and Experimental Study of the Flatwise Compression Properties of 3D Integrated Woven Sandwich Composites
A-10-1659-2 Novel and facile graphene quantum dots based on maltose: synthesis, characterization and application
A-10-1665-1 Role of Interphase Region on Electrical Conductivity of Polymer Nanocomposites
A-10-1730-1 Elasto-plastic simulation of bullet penetration into Al7075-SiCp composite armor
A-10-1667-1 Effect of Al2O3 content on mechanical properties of Al/Al2O3 functionally graded composite materials fabricated by powder metallurgy
A-10-1669-1 Oxidation behavior of ZrC-SiC-HfB2 composite under an oxyacetylene flame Maryam Shojaie-bahaabad*, Ali Kargar
A-10-1668-1 Preparation of Novel Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomers (TPU)/Terpolyamide Poly-Blends as a Composite Matrix
A-10-1672-1 Thermal behavior of a Hollow Glass Microspheres Composite Coating
A-10-1673-1 Long-term creep behavior prediction of composite pipes subjected to humid environments
A-10-1674-1 Effect of reinforcement content on the properties of Ni-Fe/Al2O3-TiO2 hybrid composite coatings
A-10-1599-2 Numerical Analysis of the Deformation Behavior of Auxetic Metamaterials plate
A-10-1678-1 Investigating the application of 3D printers in the manufacture of reinforced composites
A-10-1676-1 Facile synthesis of CuFe2O4/Sep as a new nanophotocatalyst and its application in dye degradation
A-10-1655-2 Study of Mechanical Performance of Carbon Black Reinforced Polystyrene based Thermosetting Nanocomposites
A-10-1655-3 Mechanical Properties of Hollow Glass Microspheres (HGMS) Reinforced Polystyrene Based Thermosetting Micro-composites
A-10-1651-1 Damage Analysis of Pultruded Fiber Reinforced Polymer Connections
A-10-1680-1 Fabrication and Analysis of Composite Lattice Panel under Three-Point Bending Load
A-10-1683-1 Effect of cell structure on Solvent Absorption Capacity of Nitril rubber composite foams
A-10-1682-1 Conductive Inks Based on Metallic Silver Nanoparticles with Enhanced Properties
A-10-1682-2 Conductive inks: History and Future Prospects
A-10-1690-2 Novel Magnetic Halloysite based-Molecularly Imprinted Polymer for Sunset Yellow Removal from Aqueous Solutions
A-10-1685-1 Micromechanical modeling of textile-reinforced mortars under uniaxial tensile loading
A-10-1679-1 Evaluation of Mechanical and Physical Properties of Luffa Cylindrica Reinforced Bio-composites
A-10-1688-1 Synthesis of Graphene nanoribbon- CdSeCdS Quantum Dots Nanocomposite to Boost the Photocatalysis Performance for Hydrogen Generation
A-10-1691-1 CST modeling of Multilayer Polymeric Composites for Designing of Electromagnetic Absorber
A-10-1670-2 Simulation of healing process in bio-composites: a case study of human skin
A-10-1694-1 Use Coupling Agents to Evaluate and Compare TPU/PA Alloy Compatibility
A-10-1686-1 Investigation of the effect of clamping force on the strength and failure of composite laminate bolted joints under dynamic loading
A-10-1697-1 Biocomposites based on poly (lactic acid), chitosan and their blends used for food packaging films
A-10-1696-1 Preparation and study on rheology and morphology of natural polymer composite based on polylactic acid (PLA) reinforced with natural chicken feather fiber (CFF)
A-10-1700-1 Modeling matrix cracking evolution in cross-ply laminated composites subjected to in-plane hygrothermal stresses
A-10-1703-1 Recycling of mixed plastic wastes containing PVC
A-10-1675-1 The influence of sintering temperature on the characteristics of the  Cu-xAl2O3 Composites
A-10-1706-1 Nanocomposites of Graphene Nanosheets Grafted with poly(3-hexylthiophene) Chains and P3HT Homopolymer as Well as Hydrophobic P3HT-b-polystyrene Block Copolymers
A-10-1706-2 Scaffolds Prepared by Nanocomposites of Polyaniline and Poly(2-hydroxy ethyl methacrylate)-co-Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-co-Poly(ε-caprolactone) Terpolymers
A-10-1706-3 Novel Nanocomposites of Various Grafted Graphenes and Poly(3-hexylthiophene)
A-10-1707-1 A Study on Fabrication of Hybrid Composite Based on Reduced Graphene Oxide and Polyaniline for Corrosion Protection
A-10-1699-1 Preparation and Characterization of Magnetoconductive Composite Scaffold for Neural Tissue Engineering
A-10-1701-1 Determining the effect of graphene oxide on diameter distribution of PVP electrospun nanofibers
A-10-1705-1 Preparation of random and graft copolymers of GMA and MMA using reactive melt mixing and solution polymerization
A-10-1698-1 Comparison of the Effect of Different Nanoparticles on Poly (vinylidene fluoride) Composite Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering
A-10-1709-1 Characterization of polymer additive manufacturing components by ultrasonic testing method
A-10-1652-1 Computational Study for Delamination Detection in Fiber-Metal Laminates Using Lamb Wave Propagation
A-10-1705-2 Improvement of rheological and mechanical properties of PLA by reactive blending with Poly(MMA-g-GMA)
A-10-1710-1 Effect of Temperature and Crack Growth on the Stress Intensity of Graphene Polycrystalline Structure: A Molecular Dynamic Study
A-10-1704-1 Preparation of Novel Composite as Lubricant Additive for Tribological Properties
A-10-1713-1 Effect of Temperature and Geometric Defect on the Mechanical Properties of Polycrystalline Graphene: A Molecular Dynamics Study
A-10-1711-1 Super toughening of PLA through blending with SEBS and Nano-clay
A-10-1714-1 Composite coating of HA-CNTs-Gelatin on Mg alloy as a potential bone implant: Microstructure evaluation
A-10-1714-2 Composite coating of HA-CNTs-Gelatin on Mg alloy as a potential bone implant: Biocorrosion behavior
A-10-1714-3 Surface modification of Ti6-Al-4V alloy using a composite layer of TiO2/hydroxyapatite applied by plasma electrolytic oxidation
A-10-1712-1 The sintering study of stainless steel 316 metal injection molding for high density application purpose
A-10-1712-2 A Review of Process and Optimization of stainless steel 316L injection molding parts
A-10-1579-15 Fatigue life prediction of off-axis unidirectional composites based on the damage-entropy model
A-10-1579-16 A brief introduction to the auxetic materials
A-10-1719-1 Investigation mechanical properties and Interlaminar shear strength of epoxy / glass prepreg based on bi-component epoxy resins
A-10-1579-18 Detection of matrix cracking in composites using Lamb wave propagation and machine learning: numerical modeling and experimental validation
A-10-1723-1 On the wear behavior of nano-CaCO3/E-glass fiber/epoxy composite


"Keynote Speakers"

Prof. Chul B Park:>>>>>>>>>>>>>Get the presentation file from HERE<<<<<<<<
>>>Nano-Fibril Technology for Superior Mechanical Properties and Foaming Ability<<<
#Research fields: Plastic foaming technology, fundamental understanding of foaming phenomena, computational modelling of foaming, super high R value foams, sound insulation foams, biodegradable foams, environmentally safeblowing agents.
* University of Toronto Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering.

Prof. Mehdi Hojjati:
>>>Composite Manufacturing: Automation and Composite 4.0<<<
#Research fields: Composite material design, analysis and manufacturing, process modeling, material characterization, automated fiber placement, hot drape forming, compression molding, and autoclave curing.
* Concordia University, Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering.

Dr. Mohammad Fotouhi:
>>>High performance composite materials<<<
#Research fields: Composite materials design, manufacturing and integrity, generative design, lightweight/smart bio-inspired composites, 4D printed self-morphing structures and multi-functional materials.
* University of Glasgow, The James Watt School of Engineering.
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